I mentioned this a while ago in the old site.

I think Flick is emerging as one of our next crop of leaders on this team. I watched him last night and he really seems to lead the way for his team mates in many areas. He's not a pushy, in your face sort of guy but leads by example.....and his touchdown celebrations are getting pretty cool too!.....lol

I just sense he really loves being a Hamilton Tiger-Cat and it's showing on the field....

(nice snag in the end zone last night by the way !)

Totally agree with that and he is easily becoming a fan favourite no questions asked.

flick and vaughn are amazing...vaughn catches everything in his direction.

how flick caught that TD pass yesterday, i dont know....right thu youngers hands and into flicks.

Just lucky. Same with that one pass by Wynn that was almost picked off by Hamilton but the argo receiver still came up with the ball

Great Game by DJ

Great game and like mikey said im loveing the dances keep them comming.

I wouldn't have called them lucky so much as having presence of mind to snatch the loose ball...

In the case of the Argo touchdown, the Tiger-Cat defender could have made a better play on it seem as he had a line of sight on the ball and his opponent as the Argo reciever came down with it.

In the case of Flick's TD, the Argo defender had his sights on the ball alone as Flick was behind him...