Is anyone as surprised as me that he hasn't found a team yet? I know he was coming off of a nasty break (you can put that one on Jyles / Bad Luck) but I am sure there is enough left in the tank for him to make an impact somewhere. I would have thought that TO / Edm / Ham would have made good fits for him.

Cudda sworn I saw he had been picked up by somebody, but I can't find it anywhere now.
But no... I am not surprised. I hope he can still play, but not surprised if he is done.....

To be honest, I would have thought the Roughies would take him back.

We aren't that deep at WR are we?

He’s a slotback, and, so, yes we are. Given that he’s only about 30, clearly he’s got some medical issues to not even get a sniff. My guess is the Riders knew that last year, which probably helped fuel the acquisition of Clermont.

Hes was great before he got injured so i dont understand why no one would be slightly interested unless he still has medical issues

Yes, but I think he's not interested in "landing" anywhere. But, only time will tell.