Flick...who needs him?

2 TDs by flick tonite, shoulda been 3…always seems to be open.

good trade, marcel…trade him for butler then give butler away for free.

Sigh.... good for him, great guy he is deserves to win ball games, rather than be a part of this.

If my calculations are correct…

Flick - 7 Receiving TDs
Hamilton Ticat Receivers - 5 TDs

but if flick were still here, would he still have 7 tds? :?

I always liked Flick. If I remember correctly he wasn't going to be back because his contract was too big so that's why he got traded.

But on that note, who do we really pay the big bucks to? Lumsden, Maas, Holmes, MacKay, Ralph maybe...but then who? It just seems to me like we have so many rookies that they can't be making much. Are we really under the cap? Because I can't imagine that we're all that close to it.

Argue this one Boys…

If we hadn’t have made the “Deal with the Devil” for Mass…we could have had Kerry Joseph!

And we probably wouldn’t have lost DJ.

The only Big Question is would we have still got stuck with PaoPao???

To answer the question: Kerry Joseph! LOL

Our loss.

Oski Wee Wee,

If you have a poor performance by your offensive line like we did last week; then it doesn't matter who you put back there. I compared Joseph's and Maas's stats versus Edmonton not that much different. Joseph completion %59(Maas 54%). Sacked 3 times(Maas 4). 2 td's/2 ints for Joseph. Maas 1 td
no int. Rushing yards 72 to 47. There are some differences but a solid performance by our O Line and we could have easily won that game. By the way Ray's through to Acree for the TD near the end of 1st half, he had to wait for and he made the catch and scored. Also Dominguez who made a catch for Joseph to set up the last TD of the game had to wait for that ball as it was somewhat short. Catch was made and they one. Everyone needs to watch other QB's and see that these passes fall short for many QB's but its the receivers who adjust and help them out. I know this conversation is now dead but if Baumann made that catch then we had a chance at a last minute FG to win.

If you have a poor performance by your offensive line like we did last week; then it doesn't matter who you put back there. I compared Joseph's and Maas's stats versus Edmonton not that much different.
You have got to be kidding me. let's look at total yardage and spreading the ball around all over the field. I watched both Western games this weekend and quite frankly I was amazed at what these QBs were doing. Both games were exciting, lots of long balls, lots of intermediate balls, lots of crativity in play calling and the quarterbacks' play. MOBILITY in most of the QBs allowed them to escape from blitzing linebackers and get the ball off.... And in both games former Ticats played big roles in their team's play. Watching Kerry Joseph, I couldn't help but think that we have a guy on the bench who could probably match him throw for throw. Flick and Peterson, showed just how bad our decisions have been to let these guys slip away. When are the Ticats and many fans here going to realize that it's not the receivers, it's not the O-line it's our QB that is causing the problem....

2 picks, but one was in flicks hands for a td and flick dropped it into the hands of an eskimo....so that easily coulda been 3 tds and 1 pick.

joseph avoided the blitz all nite and found playmakers for big gains.

joseph is the most exciting qb in this league, IMO.

Congratulations to DJ Flick, his receivers coach, Paul LaPolice and the rest of the former Tiger-Cats on their great success this year so far.

It must be satisfying for them right now to just play the game like it's meant to be played.....having fun.


This is a team game TCFAN. Do you play the sport? Anyway do you remember Joseph in Ottawa? I think he has lots of talent but if you don't give him time he will get crushed. He got killed over and over in Ottawa. Although Maas may not have played the best near the beginning of the season, he has steadily improved. Taafe blamed our offensive line last week. Against Winnipeg our line gave him time and we allowed only 2 sacks. Its the team that wins not an individual. Remember we have the most rookies. Joseph looks good now because he is surrounded by a veteran team. I'm happy for Joseph. I think after all the bad years in Ottawa, he deserves to be on a winner. Tcfan Changs not coming in unless Maas totally falters, gets hurt or we are officially out of the playoffs. I think Chang is also good but maybe near the end of the season not now. Too raw and inexperienced. Please don't say his experience in other leagues counts. Other experienced QB's from other league's have come up here and failed miserably.

Do you even pay attention when you watch foorball games? Maas was sacked one more time than Joseph- so what? Every game i have seen this week the q.b's have been making plays when the protection is breaking down and look at Ray, he is hit after almost every pass. You can't blame pass protection because the great q.b's can deal with it when it breaks down by either buying himself more time or throwing perfect passes with a guy in his face. And besides 4 sacks is nothing, you'd have an arguement if he was under constant non stop presure, but that is/was not the case.

D.J. Flick never should have been up for grabs by another CFL team. He was certainly our most dependable receiver and he's proving it this season.
I also like the play of other players that we have relinquished to the rest of the league for one reason or another: Steinhauer, Goss, O'Shea and so many others. We have virtually given the CFL an All Star team of former Hamilton players and coaches.

Hopefully, the team won't make too many more changes, other than our offensive line and a couple of other smaller team areas that need bolstering. We are in the process of creating a good, young team. Don't blow it!

I'm surprised the same folks that wanted Bauman cut after his drop (which in no way guaranteed points)...dont think Sask should be letting Flick go for dropping that one, in the endzone, causing an interception, which led to 7 points the other way...

And it's not just Flick having a big season, what about Peterson? Hmmm don't blame our q.b of last year for not getting them the ball DOWNFIELD. And we have another great receiver in Curry who is not getting the damn ball this year.


I agree. Flick should be cut as any football player who makes a mistake on the football field. Of course this would require teams to carry 110 players aside per game and a salary cap approaching Lady Black's manicure budget. LMAO[/b] :wink:

P.S. The best stuff ever in NFL Films are the on-field bloopers. Keeps the idea that it's a GAME in correct perspective. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

I expected another uneducated answer from a Chang supporter. Not only do I watch football but I also play. I've played for many years. There were only 2 games this week by the way. And I can blame pass protection as the coach did. I saw what he saw constant pressure. Why do you think we didn't run Jessie much. They had 8 men on the line and dared us to run.

Agreed. Those Western teams appeared to be QBed by very good players making plays, spreading the ball around, making things happen out of broken plays, responding to opposing team scores with drives of their own, obviously motivating the guys around them through their own strong play, etc.---but it is more than that. They looked to be strong clubs overall with good players througout the lineups and well coached as well. They were very entertaining games too. Most of us in the East are getting short changed in more ways than one.

An Argo-Cat fan

And what do you do when they drag 8 men into the 'box'? You throw deep! We have guys to stretch the D and put that fear into them to make them extremely nervous at the thought of over commiting to the run, but that only works if you actually throw deep. Unfortunately asking Maas to throw deep is like asking peewee herman to keep it in his pants in the theater.