Flick Touchdown Celebration

Somebody else had posted a thread on this but I guess the mods decided it was a Troll. I must say that I was also not impressed with Flick's touchdown celebration (too Stampeder for me) but he's obviously been going through a lot these days. I was pleased to see he had the class to apologize afterward

I see he actually apologized, but honestly, it wasn't a big deal.
The other poster was a troll by the way.
Not only was his post much more inflammatory than yours, but he posted it on a thread dedicated to the troubles DJ has been facing in his personal life which are far more important than singing some silly rhyme.

To us In Hamilton
This was the most Disrespectful Thing flick Could have done In Hamilton.
It was like Watching Owens Step on the Dallas Star as a 49er.

It Shows how Classless Flick is

I am hoping Armor gets us A pound a Flesh for us next Sunday

I don't care about him Celebrating
doing the Oski Wee wee was rude and Classless

I was wondering what he was doing in the endzone there. I personaly don't like coreagraphed endzone celebrations, I even get ennoyed by Corey Holmes thing he does in the endzone sometimes.

Altho it doesn't bother me that he was moking Ti Cats fans, fans get mocked by players all the time. Its not like the okie wee wee or what ever it is; is some sort of sacred dance. Heck I don't even know what its supposed to be.

How would you Feel if we Spit on Rider logo after Scoring a TD.

To Us this Cheer is the Same thing as Spiting on our Logo When a Non Ticat dose it.

I don't mind choreographed end zone celebrations as long as they do not Mock fans and Team traditions

Oh PLEESE.... My Gawd, have you never been to a football game or even taken a look at an online forum like this one, people are always mocking fans and traditions! Heaven forbid someone would make fun of the sacred oscar weiner chant....

Heck, I have seen people piiss on Rider flags, crush Gainer dolls, etc. Get a grip! Heck at least last year with the no Gainer zone in Stamp land people seemed to have fun with mock outrage.

When I look at the TiCats forum, there are a some fans that are rolling their eyes at the reaction of their fellow fans, but most seem to be like this poster, somehow feeling that their fight slogan is "special".

Can you seriously tell me that no argo fans have made fun of that silly song???

They way some Cat fans have been kvetching about Flick since he left, and speculating on the happenings, I don't blame Flick one bit for acting out...do I like celebrations? No, but what he did is no worse than what others have done before, and what others will do in the future...and really, it's a song for a football team...big deal...

he was wrong and he apologized - of what value is it to keep complaining, and to further up the anti by calling a player classless.

I can understand--just a tiny bit--why having a player (not a fan) mock their fight song might be a little bit irritating.
The TO pose on the Dallas star is an example.
But if that is THE most disrespectful thing anyone can do in Hamilton, you guys have issues...

Anyway, the fact that DJ just about lost half his family in a car accident last week, then has major issues involving the birth of his twins this week, and still finds time to reflect on his actions during a football game and apologizes, should show anyone that he is far from being classless.

When we traded for him, I questioned his integrity.
No more.
The guy showed true grit the last two weeks--all season for that matter.

At the dome here in BC one can always find a rather poorly looking stuffed gainer being spanked by the Lions mascot when they play - Gainer is more popular in Saskatchewan then most politicians but I'm sure you'll find most rider fans not offended. It's what sparks rivalries.

It's good to see a pulse in Hamilton again - they have lacked fire the last few years and it looks like there putting the right things in place to return as a force

Actually, I commend anyone who stomps on Gainer--Stupid miserable rat....been our mascot since 1977. One home play-off game.
The rat has been the worst curse this side of the "curse of the Bambino".

His celebration has been blown WAY out of proportion by Ticat fans. If you guys were in the middle of a decent season hardly anyone would have commented on it, but it seems to be a bigger issue than losing itself.

The guy apologized, he's had a VERY tough few weeks, and he made a mistake. He said previously that he had hoped to make Hamilton is home and move his family there, and that he enjoyed the fans, his beef is with management, and he made a bad decision because of it.

As an aside, you should really proof read your stuff before you post because it honestly looks bad when you have a blog that has spelling errors and sentences that don't make sense. Sorry it's one of those things that bugs me.

Wow dude. Chill out. Remember Terrell Owens as a 49er in Dallas? He is a Cowboy now... Or How about in Baltimore as an Eagle mocking Ray Lewis? Or Chad Johnson jumping into the Dawg Pound in Cleveland? It's really not that big of a deal. Calm down. Its not the end of the world... Life will go on, the sun will set tonight and rise tomorrow. Casey Printers will get healhty. The Riders will win on Sunday.

I have no idea what the Oskee Wee Wee is and I didn't particularly notice what Flick did after his touchdown (other than dedicate it to one of his newborn twins). I was more disappointed in Jones & Abou-Mezhrek's (sorry if I mispelled that)unsportsman-like behaviour upon their ejections. I wish they would have just stayed quiet and left the field like gentlemen. Both the Hamilton fans' reaction to Flick and the disqualified players' conduct are examples of how seriously we all take our game and emotions can definitely get the better of us at times but we can also turn it around to make it part of the joy of the sport. Remember Troy Westwood's "inbred banjo-playing" comment? Of course we do and now we enjoy the annual "banjo bowl" as part of our healthy rivalry with the Bombers. Maybe this could be the beginning of the Oskee Wee Wee Showdown????.......

Who cares if Flick mocked the fans players mock fans as much as fans mock players but you know what atleast Flick kept it on the feild and not not off. (sorry dust I had to do it just for you hahahaha)spelling and grammer corrections; field, not.

Exactly..the same thing when Paul came back to Regina and hit a field goal and turned to the crowd and did the shhhhhhh with his finger to his lips. Yea that was a slap in the face to the fans. However that is expected, he is not a jerk for doing that, it is the emotions involved with the game. Get over it...Also, Paul made a name for himself in Sask, it would have been worse if Morreale would have got traded and done that to you guys. You are just upset because you didn't use Flick and he got ran out of town and you let him go for basically nothing in return.

Who is this Oski?!? And why is everyone talking about his wee wee?!?

I apologize for that.

Seriously, with all the attention it’s getting, I’d be surprised if there isn’t some Oski Wee Wee dancing in the stands on Sunday. Would that be insulting? For fans to do it?

What I find disrespectful is that anyone can assume to speak for all Ti-Cat fans.

As a Ti-Cat fan I had no problem with it. In fact, I laughed.

No big deal. Of all the things to get offended about, TD celebrations by professional football players don't even get near my radar.

Good on Flick and congratulations on a nice season to date, and too bad he's not still in Hamilton.