I would think this is much more accurate than TSN's description.

Definately looked much worse than a simple broken ankle.

From what I saw flick landed on the outside of his left foot and has he made contact with the turf his left ankle got cought inside of Shaw's leg the fibula looked like it broke clean and has the rest of Flick's weight came down the loose leg (below the fibula got twisted 180 degrees.

WOAHH SLOW DOWN not_a_bengal06

we won one grame. which is good and it will be the first of many more to come but lets not get too cocky.

its not like that is Saskatchewans only offensive weapon. You still have to worry about Dominquez, Fantuz, Bowman, Cates and even crandell. Not to mention some of tghe talent on their Defence

Sask beat the Lions with their third string QB and Flick injured. We better be smart and bring our best game or we will lose. Remember what the Als did to us with a banged up team. :wink: :smiley:

I can't see them winning more than 6 games this year. Right now their strength is run D, so I think we should not try to run early on, come out throwing because they have holes in their secondary and they don't have much of a pass rush. Wear them out by making them chase Printers around, attack them vertically then run Jesse down their throat once their D is all wore out and losened up.

We can't do what BC did which was waste a lot of posessions by running against team that won't give you anything on the ground.

That was actually in 2006 (then MD traded for him before 2007 camp), but yes there's good reason not to take backup players too lightly.

Speedy recovery DJ, but if it was that bad you have a long road ahead.

Correction: not_a_bengal06 gets caught for speeding. :wink:

I hope Flick can come back after this injury.
From what was shown...his playing days, could be over.

Thanks for the motivation. Durant doesn't have to be a star, play average...plus he is surrounded by lots of talent. If The Rider D continues to play great than you'll be eating crow.

8) I have the feeling that "not_a_bengal06" has eaten crow many times before in his life, and I am certain he would never admit to it !!!!! :wink:

Maybe we can call their mama names get them real mad at us. :roll: :roll: :roll: :lol:

Well Durant won't be able to hand off the ball to Cates for 60 minutes. He kept the ball pretty strictly on the ground yesterday but he'll take first reps this week and we'll see how he does.

he was only 5-11 for 56 yards. nothing impressive. but appropiate for a young guy like Durant

Your not going to win any games with 35% completions and 115 150 yards passing in a game. Hamstrings are pretty chronic and can return at any time. Makes a QB very unreliable. I suspect Tillman goes looking for an experienced QB this week. I don't think he'll get a team to part with one.

That's horrible for a qb the defence knows nothing about. Wait till a team has time to scout him and throw robber coverages in his face.

If he gets a qb it will be 2-3 weeks before he is ready, it’s not like plugging a running back or receiver into the system.

I understand that. If you read my post I wrote that even when Crandell comes back in 3 weeks his hammstring could act up again. It would not be wise to have only Crandell as an experienced QB for the next 16 games.

But coulnd’t be better timing to go play a game at Taylor Field or oh yeah Mosaic…

That would remind me of Chang and Eakin...