I can tell he will be out for a while! That was a horrible fall!! anyone see it? this is to bad!!! I hope he gets better soon!

That was disgusting, his leg was backwards almost. Get well soon dj.

It is Broken no Question.
I am not Fan of DJ Fan but I don't wish anyone to be hurt like that ..
It was Ugly to watch.
I hope his family Did not see it..
May D.J. Get well soon .

That was ugly. You knew it was broken the second he went down. Why do they have to show it on the replay?

Yes, get well soon DJ.
I gave him a hard time on these forums last year for his mock Oskee Wee Wee cheer, but I'm over it and I was hoping he'd have another great year.

I hope it's not very serious and we can see him play again soon.

Cause who don't like to watch a Car Wreck now a days
People like Gore and shock..
It ugly but it is the truth.

Hell there is a show on Spike TV that Show how People die Ugly groosome deaths.

More fun to play sask when dj is there though. I wanted the cats to win and the fans to give it to dj good. Lets hope it looked worse than it is and he gets back out there soon.

I feel the same way! I want to beat Saskatchewan when they are at full strength! I am still looking forward to beating the either way though! :smiley::smiley:

I cant even watch those falls... but i saw his face. Here's hoping he's alright, but i think its safe to say its a 9 game injury list.

Too bad, was looking forward to beating them with him IN the lineup next week.

DJ Flick has broken his ankle, according to the TSN Broadcast and Sask. also lost another starter with a broken leg, not sure who it was. Also Crandell has a Hamstring problem and they are now working on their 3rd string QB. They pulled Jyles

Oh boy, we are going to demolish them next week. Ain't gonna be pretty.

They still beat the Lions by 10 without him and Crandle. Don't get too cocky just yet.. I really hope you're right though!

That was worse than a broken ankle you can tell.

Indeed, Crash. I've only heard about the injury, but I hope DJ makes a full recovery.

Oski Wee Wee,

Better shore up that run defense...

It was an awful fall. DJ is in my prayers that he heals up quickly and completely.

8) Oboy, here we go already !!! Don't get too cocky after one win. Remember what Sask. 3rd stringer Rocky Butler did to the Cats in back to back games last year !!!!! That wasn't pretty either !!!
 I think Butler's performance in those 2 games against us last year was the reason that we obtained him in that famous trade !!!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

That was just awful to watch. At first I thought it was the ankle, but when they replayed it you could tell it was much worse. Looked like the knee from the way his leg was twisted. What a fluke the way their legs got tied up like that.

Hate to see anyone go down like that. I wish him a full recovery.

I looked at it again in slo-mo on pvr and his ankle broke and then turned a full 180 degrees...likely ligament and tendon damage in addition to a very bad fracture...Very sad

TSN is saying it's a broken ankle. That's not good news for DJ.