flick injury

was it my imagination or did i see the lion defender cheer when he saw that flick was badly inured?no one should cheer if anyone gets hurt.just goes to show us that BC has no class.

no I think it was more of an OHHH DAMN thats gross

I agree with RidersNeverDie...it was more of a sympathetic teeth clenching "that has GOT to hurt!"

I not Flick Fan but that was ugly to Watch.
Hope he has Speedy Recovery
see you at IWS next Saterday

He cheered when he broke up the play but when he realize how bad it was, he was a great sport about it.

Flick syas hes back in 8-10 weeks wooooooo hooooooooooooo!

Where'd you find this news? If true thats pretty frickin miraculous considering some thought it could be a career ending injury...

More than likely that prognostication
is DJ's own optimism being expressed,

it is not likely the opinion
of a medical person, Green4Life.

If you go to riders site there is an interview with DJ. He talks about getting operated on and the possibility of being back before the end of the season.

Apparently, the break was very clean and should heal properly. So he is hoping to get back to ball this season.

biggest positive is that it wasn't his ankle as TSN was speculating. Tib / fib fractures generally heal fine where a broken join that would have bent his leg at that angle could have definitely been career threatening. If healing goes well he should be back before the end of the season.