Flick Injured

Dear Rider Nation,

"D.J. Flick leaves Roughriders workout with apparent injury."

Kent Austin: "I don't know if it's serious or not."

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=2037123b-9433-4ee6-8a56-b8c6dbc66f17&k=61341]http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... 17&k=61341[/url]

This could be bad.


WOW!!! Now that would be unfortunate if we lost him.

That is bad news

Hopefully… He will be ok.



Hopefully it's just a precaution and he's ok.

As an 'ignorant' Lions fan, what position is he on your team and how important?

Edit: sorry should have read the article first, receiver obviously.

He's a slot and he's our leading reciever. I might add that the Vancouver Sun's spy could only report what he saw, not the severity of the 'injury' pertaining to his inclusion on Sunday. I'll wait anxiously for a confirmed report on D.J.'s status for the West Final.


That would suck if Flick can't play, I also heard that Szarka might play on sunday as he was at practice today :slight_smile: this would be great news we can't afford anymore players out :frowning:

ya I heard that to on the radio C95 in saskatoon

Wow someone that finally believes one of my reports LOL. GO RIDERS!!!

Szarka's been practicing since yesterday. According to Rider Rumblings, both Flick and Cates made the flight to Vancouver, and could be game-time decisions for Sunday...

Flick scored on 1st play of Calgary game. May lead CFL in touchdowns by receivers. Without Flick or Dominguez or Washington I call it no chance time. Hope Flick can play.

Flick is ready to go!


Dominguez. Washington. If we get Flick playing not healthy. Afraid we lose. Good season. Very good season. Who knows. May be wrong. Without Flick we need suprise hero Sunday. Why not Palmer? He was good in Edmonton. Fantuz did not play and Palmer was better than I thought he was. A lot better. Still think we need Flick to win.