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D.J. Flick is tired of going nowhere fast.

The speedy wideout has little to show for five generally productive seasons as a CFLer – three with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and two as a member of the now-defunct Ottawa Renegades.

I'd like to see DJ have a "career year"...just not against us. I look forward to seeing him this year.

I too hope that DJ has a banner year!! I found it strange that the GM and HC of Hamilton would allow a two time all-star to be traded without atleast seeing for themselves how he performed with a QB that isn't injured. I know that the gods of Hamilton know much more than I do about football but I guess I'll never understand that move.

Because he was making too much money and we wouldnt renegotiate. With that said a player shouldn't be expected to renegotiate.

speaking of Flick, didnt saskatchewan trade Rocky Butler to the Ti-Cats? If so, is he still with the team, cuz i havent heard much about him lately.

Yes. Butler is still with the team.

hes in like every TC picture in the paper yet lol number 2 right?

from people i know who know flick he really wanted to come back for less money even but marcel was set on restructure.

Flick was likeable but I feel he was vastly overrated by many here even on this board. Didn't take Marcel very long to disagree.

Overrated ??!! I guess that being overrated is being named an all-star two of the four years that you play in the CFL. Get over it, Desjardins made a stupid move and Tillman jumped on it!! Overrated!!!
P-L-E-A-S-E !!!!

I'm with Ticatsgrr8 on tnis one. As I posted in another thread:

"I'd say the class of CFL receivers would include Geroy Simon, Jason Tucker, Nik Lewis, Matt Dominguez, Milt Stegall, and Ben Cahoon. While I think Flick is a good, not great, receiver, he sure isn't in their class. Hence if he's your #1 receiver, your receiving corps is rather weak."

And that's where it's at as far as I am concerned. I respect that you are a Flick fan, Steve, but IMHO Flick, while he may have been the best of a pretty poor lot last year, is at best a 'good' receiver, not a 'great' one, and would not be the #1 go-to guy on any other team in the league

I'm not knocking him okay? Like I said I think he's good, but that's it. He's not an elite receiver.

I liked Flick but hey, there are all sorts of 5'9" receivers coming out of the Slippery Rock type colleges here and there who are just a tad small for the NFL in the States every year and with our scouting down there, we are sure to get another that is willing to come north for a try.
Sometimes a GM has to take a look at this, that and say at the end of the day with a cap system, bye to this player even though he might not really want to but wants to use the money for someone else in the system he thinks will help the team more. That's what the GM is for to make these decisions after all the scouting reports are in and with all the other things like the cap he has to deal with.

of all the off-season moves,this one kinda puzzled me,why would you trade two starters for a back-up Q.B ? Lets not forget that he was playing us last year when he looked so good,and the last two years we have made a lot of back-up Q.Bs look like all world all-stars.From what Ive heard Rocky might not even make the team,looks like right now he's fourth or fifth on the depth chart