Flick and Radlein

The Ticats just signed D.J. Flick to a 3-year contract plus an option, and Julian Radlein to 1-year plus an option. Keeping our best guys under contract is a huge part to the rebuilding that's going on in Steeltown! :smiley:

The front-office move of a few weeks ago is already starting to pay off. If Lancaster were still the GM, there is no way they would have been able to do this at this time of the year, with the NFL making their final cuts. Now while Lancaster is looking at the guys who are coming available, Katz is working out the details of contract extensions for guys who are already here.

Still waiting to hear about Lumsden, though...

Lumsden isn't in a hurry to get here, because even if he does, he knows Troy will remain the starter. So Jesse is trying to stay visible on the NFL radar. He doesn't want to show too quickly that he gave up on the million dollar club.

The greatest players never get to become free agents. Like Calvillo and Prefontaine... they always get extension offers before they become available.

Not those who played for the Ticats in the past 10 years! The Cats have repeatedly lost their best players to free agency when their owners were too busy cutting spending to think about winning football games (or selling tickets.)

Don't forget, Montreal signed Calvillo as a free agent from Hamilton (though I was glad to see him go after our 2-16 season, in which he was single-handedly responsible for about 6 of our losses.)

Flick and Radlein are both important parts of the Ti-Cat offense. Good work on the new Cats GM to keep them in place.

Question to you Dave,
In the event that Lumsden does eventually end up in Hamilton, who gets bumped? Davis or Radlein?