flick and crandell won't play against hamilton...

We have some of our key players hurt to lads. :wink:

Wow I can't believe that Flick isn't going to play? He should be able to shake off that injury.

Seriously though, no kidding he's not playing I hope he recovers that was a brutal injury!

Let's not chalk this one up just yet. I thought BC was far better and when Crandell went down I thought it gonna be a blow out. They have all week to prepare so it won't be easy. Wes Cates along with that defense was very impressive.

Remember, The riders have a winning attitude
which alot of teams would like to have.
In other words they don't know how to lose.
For instance, if one set of plays are not
working, they have refined a whole other
set of plays which will cover up their
weaknesses. And they will keep hammering
at you until you show holes in your play.
This is a discipline team.

This game will ultimately come down to turnovers and penalties. Based on the inexperience of the Rider QBs I'm predicting the Cats to win the turnover battle. The question is can the Cats stay as disciplined as the Riders?

we were disciplined last thursday. only 38 yards of penalties sounds good to me.

Will not be an easy win. Cates and possibly Dominiguez(if he returns)are still key players in the Sask lineup. :cowboy:

Didn't Dominguez return last week in B.C ?

Yes but he is not in mid season form.

Actually according to TSN,Sportsnet and CFL.ca Cates is 4th look it up.

This is going to be a key game for the ticats... okay, so the ticats got past an argo team in turmoil where half the players are backing one qb and the other half were backing the other qb...

not to mention that their own coach wanted bishop in and he was overruled by clemmons and joseph got the nod... and when joseph started calling his own plays, there were a few decent drives...

Sask has the number one defense in the league where it counts... points against and they are beasts against the run... And even with their third string qb situation, they have lots of talent to back them up...

hamilton has an emerging superstar qb and a future hall of famer running back, who is himself a beast to bring down... hamilton's offence against Sask's defence is how I see this game shaping up... Hamilton will be in trouble if the o-line from the montreal game shows up... printers and lumsden can't do it all themselves..

The unknowns involve how well hamilton's d can handle the new offensive schemes that will be brought into play for Durant or Jyles... Remember Rocky Butler...

How well will Durant play??? Will hamilton get enough pressure on him (he isn't mobile and he's a pocket passer...)

Will hamilton be able to run roughshod over the number one run defence in the league???

I'm looking forward to this tilt and I'm picking the Riders by 3...