flick and crandell won't play against hamilton...

Have you heard of Wes Cates? Exactly.

It's easy for us fans to sit here and "tell it like it is," when the game is days away. Personally, I'd rather just let the players of both teams do their talking on the field. I will say this though. The Ti-cats have a very nice opportunity to pick up another 2 points.

Well then thats PERFECT :smiley:

either way we are still playing the champs and in professional sports there is now such thing as an easy win, however I do think the cats have some momentum and the best running attack in the league and if we can successfully play some smash mouth football then we will come out with win number two.


I'm sure neither of the teams is taking it lightly even if fans are. I hope it is a good game. I don't want to watch a one sided game on saturday for either side. Well, maybe i would :wink: but I like games that go down to the wire.

Wes Cates is a good back, I give him credit. If Sask's qb's can't put much up then he will have to do it, or the defense will have to be exceptional. It's possible to win with a running game, if you remember Hamilton didn't throw the ball much at all last week. But with 300 rushing yards you don't have to. Now that's three hundred between Lumsden, Printers and Smith. No single man will be able to put up those kind of numbers. So if it comes down to a rushing battle, I give advantage to the Cats.

Too often I have see Hamilton lose the "easy" win when facing the other teams back up QB. This could happen on Saturday as well. Don't forget how poor our defense looked against the run in our home opener against Montreal. Granted, Calvillo was throwing very well and that probably opened up the run attack. Our tackling was also pretty poor and allowed their running back a lot of extra yards.

My fear with this game is that our offense will have a much harder time scoring against Sask than we did against Toronto. This will make them frusturated and may lead to them trying to force plays that they shouldn't. Remember, Sask will be on the road, they won't care if they win a 10 to 3 game. They are not there to "entertain" anyone. Hamilton on the other hand ...

If this is the case, it will be a low scoring close game and the winner will probably be decided by a key turn over or penalty. With Hamilton's young players, it's more likely that they will give up the ball in a crucial situation.

I really hope our coaches remind out players that we are facing the reining Grey Cup champs and they are not to be taken lightly, regardless of who is not playing. Stick to the game plan, even if it's not working early on. Eventually we will tire out their defense and that's when Lumsden will break open a big play. If our D plays solid, fundamental tackling, then we can keep them to 2 and outs, our defense rested. The team with the most energy at the end of the game will have the best chance to pull it out.

Funny.....the last time we had an "easy win" lined up against the Riders, Rocky Butler came in and tore our defence apart.

For anyone to imply that this will be a cake walk is rediculous.

After last week's performance against the Argos and considering the injuries that the Riders have, I agree Hamilton has the advantage heading into the game. But in no way am I chalking up two points before the game is even played.

Of course the injuries help our chances, but they in no way guaranteee anything.

Cates and the D have proven they can win games.

What film? Durant hasn't played much in the last 3 yrs he's been here. and Jyles played less than a quarter. So unless your Defence is planing on sitting in on Rider practice all week I can't possibly see how they will be prepared for either
Secondly. You think we rely on the pass Have you forgotten Wes Cates he is fourth in the league for Rushing. The Riders have so much talent what we lack at one position we make up for at others

Wes Cates is sixth in the league in rushing.

Tre Smith owns the fourth spot :slight_smile:

The Argos thought we were an easy win ...hmmmm.

A Win in the CFL Is never easy ..
They Still have a Good Oline
A Great RB and Fine WR.
They have very good D and Fine Special Teams.

Don't Kid your Self this will be a Fight .
These are the Grey Cup Champs
Flick-less or Crandle- less there the Champs..

We can win but will take a Team Effort
and 13th Man will have be in Full Force..

yea Wes Cates is extremely important to the Roughriders success... but he has only carried the ball 14 times so far this season.....which means the riders pass an awful lot

Many years ago, Saskatchewan came to play the Cats, and we knew that Ron Lancaster was hurt and an unknown would be at quarterback. I savoured the coming easy win, but Kent Austin spoiled the evening with his more than forty completions and a win.
Bob Jackson

The Riders do pass a lot. I'm not sure if you watch the Rider games or not, but Cates has made some big plays in the first two weeks and 2 of those plays came off of passes. My claim was not that Cates runs a lot, my claim, if you read correctly, is that Cates has been the X factor. In other words, he has been consistently making big plays when the team needs them (whenever and however he gets the ball). 49 yards on 3 receptions. 6.1 average (14 carries) rushing and 2 touchdowns.

You don't have to worry, I have seen enough of Durrant and Jyles to know they are definately not future starters in this league. After this game the next time you see them will probably be at a drive through window at mcdonalds.

i'm not going to dispute that the riders have a passing focused offence, that's no secret. but that's something the BC Lions knew coming into that game as well and just knowing we're going to throw the ball didn't win them the game. even with the rider's rookie QBs holding the ball for far too long and getting sacked, repeatedly, it wasn't enough of a defensive effort to prevent the rookie QBs from moving the ball and scoring some points.
the Lions & Ticats have some similar offensive strengths. Big, strong, and fast backs. Lumsden and Smith. Two of the top backs in the league. Feel free to check up on how well Smith did last game.

this game will be a nailbiter ladies and gentlemen.

I think you mean Tom Burgess, not Ron Lancaster.

The retirement of Lancaster and the start of Burgess/Austin are a decade apart.

yes as much as i love my ticats and am very proud of them for beating the argos, i wouldnt say that the riders will be an "easy win" but we could beat them if everything went as well as it did in toronto. :thup: