flick and crandell won't play against hamilton...

...due to injury, according to sportsnet TV Sunday morning.

As long as we stay aggressive and put points on the board it will be an easy win. That's the best way to force either of their qb's to make mistakes the worst thing we can do is make it a defensive game which is what Regina will obviously want to do.

ssk still found a way to win don't forget. Their stats may have stunk but they put BC to 0-2!

And it was defence that won it for them. If Jyles or Durrant have to put points on the board they will lose.

Wow we win one game and now they're easy wins...

no such thing as an easy win...

Easy win against down right brutal qb's.

Keep telling yourself it will be an easy win.

2-1 ticats...could be tied for 1st if montreal loses.

i sense momentum

If the Cats can put points on the board they will win the game.

but thats if they put enough points on the board.

lets not get too cocky.

We will have to work very hard to win. Remember a wounded animal is a dangerous animal. I cant imagine how we could go in overconfident with one win and our record.

Please get cocky. It'll be more fun when you lose with our "brutal qb". We beat B.C with our 3rd string qb,and with Durant getting most if not all thr reps in practice this week he will be more than ready. Domingez,Cates,Fantuz are all still there, and our defence has only given up 29 points in 2 games. So "easy win" yeah for Saskatchewan

woahhh i dont think ti-cat fans should be getting too cocky and we have the healthy team.

"easy win" for saskatchewan? i do not no who will win this game it could be anybodys but i HIGHLY DOUBT it will be an "easy win" for Sask. with Darian Durant at QB going up against a team that is coming off a huge win.

I don't think it will be an easy win for either team. In fact, it may turn out to be a Wes Cates vs. Jesse Lumsden slobber knocker.

While he's getting all his reps in practice our defence is going over all his film and will be more than prepared. Our defence is probably frothing at the mouth at the chance to go out and bait Durrant and Jyles into quite a few picks.

Your team completely relies on the pass, kind of hard to do without a qb.

Someone is drunk I see.

It's kind of funny you say that considering Wes Cates was the X factor in both of the Riders' first two wins.

i wouldn't say Sask. completely relies on the pass but the pass is a good portion of their offence.

but i would assume Cates will be getting the ball alot more than usually on Saturday because they wont want Durant/Jyles throwing too much.

Your team is not built to run the ball, skinny backs and a pass blocking o-line. Better hope your defence can completely shut us down.

You guys totally rely on the pass to set up the run though. You guys have a little bit of success on the ground because you throw so much that the defence isn’t geared up to stop the run at all.

You guys probably will try and run a lot more this week but it’s going to be tough to run when we expect it.

And that will lead to turnovers because it will put them in a lot of second and long situations.