Flick...a team guy?

Hey, why stop at the dressing room?

We've got psychics in here who think they know what goes on in the dressing room, coachs' and scouts'offices, and the boardroom and who controls everything therein.
There aint a theory too ridiculous to post.

flick is the player that logs on here every now and then to see what is going on.

players like that care about football for the team.
if he cares about his stats great... because it is a win win situation for the team and himself.

i hope everyone cares about stats because in the end we will be a better club

As far as im concerned if someone cant name their source, its worthless.

"flick is the player that logs on here every now and then to see what is going on."

Is anyone here naive enough to believe that he is the only player who tunes into this forum?

Is anyone here naive enough to believe that caretaker has only one screen name here?

never said he was the only one.

if the whole team logs on to see what goes on than wow we got a team that cares...

For What?

Rubish DJ is a Team Guy...

If this information came out about, lets say, Craig Yeast, would you say the same thing? It is not like anyone of us was in the locker room, and we all labelled him "a cancer" and a selfish player.

So, unless any one of us forum posters has been a teammate of either Craig's or D.J.'s over the past two years, it really is hard to dispute or validate this story. But it does cause discussion, which I believe is the point of this forum.

My contribution? A statistical comparison ...

D.J. Flick 5'9" 175lbs.
2005 80 rec. 1245 yrds 15.6 avg. 6 TDs
2004 68 rec. 1147 yrds 16.9 avg. 8 TDs

Craig Yeast 5'8" 165lbs
2005 65 rec. 1010 yrds 15.5 avg. 3 TDs
2004 59 rec. 1184 yrds 17.8 avg. 8 TDs

What do I see? Two players that aren't a #1 receiver!

On an aside, there are plenty of players in the NFL who think Terrell Owens is a great teammate as well, and we all know what the public thinks of him. So, I guess its a matter of opinion ...

I think DJ is a great player,and his effort on special teams is 110% impressive.

Somehow he doesn't seem in the right position at WR ,he just doesn't seem a natural there,maybe he's in the wrong position on the reciever core and could go back to where he was before .

Think the world of DJ though.

tigerrag77, how can this "source" see D.J.s attitude at practice
that he's more interested in his stats than whether his team wins?

Or why would anyone be stupid enough to speak about something like that
within the hearing distance of his team-mates or your "source"?

All I can say is that this person is closer to the team than myself, and is just saying what they see on a daily basis from this player.

Im not sure if this has been said already but Im too lazy to read every post but heres the reason to why Flick isnt getting the ball thrown in he's direction. Plain & Simple Joe Paopao, there is something between the two going all the way back to when Flick played for the Ottawa renagades 3 years back. Only 4 catchs in he's 1st year there and just 900 yards in he's second year and at least 350 of them came off of the "Famous" Flea flicker that ottawa pulled off soo well. I personally think that Joe has played a huge role in the decrease of play by DJ, he's been the Ticats Top Reciever for the last 2 season get the ball in he's hands I think all they care about is getting Terry Vaughn over 1000.

Flick like most of our WR have been coverd like a tent I dont think our offence is fooling anybody right now.

[quote="Canuckfan" he's been the Ticats Top Reciever for the last 2 season
I would actually take Yeast over him as the top reciever. The last couple games last season they completely neglected Yeast(960 yards and took 4 or so games to get to 1000) Well Flick was back at 850 and they always threw to him to get the 1000.

DJ has been up and down with his attitude since he has been here.

What I personally and many others who saw did not like was during the second game of this season DJ and his bad influence who is no longer here Yeast, both eating hot dogs on the sideline during a game.

A couple of girls past them to the duo over the handrail and they actually accepted.

I do not know what Marshall was thinking unless he did not notice. If it was one of his Marauders doing that during a game at MAC in the old days he would have kicked their butts.

Very, very unprofessional and it does show that many players in the CFL are cocky, disrespectful beings that play as individuals not as a team.

Yes DJ is talented so was Yeast, so was Ronald Williams, so was Calvin Tiggle, so was lamar Mc Griggs but bad attitude spreads in a locker room like a CANCER!

It exists way to frequently in all pro sports today.

There Is no I in TEAM boys.

The game you are talking about was the preseaon game after both had been finished for the day. Neither of these players were going back in for the rest of the game. I sit right behind the bench and was talking to DJ myself. If you call his actions selfish I strongly disagree. The nicest thing about the CFL is that the players actually get to interact with the fans. DJ is a team player all the way, as are most of the Ticats. It is time that we quit ragging on the players and let them know that we support them. The biggest problem with this team this year has been untimely injuries and lousy scheduling by the league.

He is one player that puts the team ahead of player stats.
If you are looking for someone to blame for the bad plays look to the OC and the damaged QB.

Somebody "close to the team" told me, blah, blah blah...


Pure meaningless nonesense.

DJ would never admit this publicly, but I bet he would be ecstatic to be passed anything, even a hot dog, at this point in the season. :smiley:

The Cats should've picked up recent Argo cut Robert Baker. You have 2 games with the Argos coming up so you know he'd be super-pumped to beat his old team. Just to pick his brain regarding the Argo offense would've been worth it. He's free again after leaving the 'Peg to start a rap career.

Jus' a thought.

An Argo fan