Flick...a team guy?

I hear from a source close to the Tiger Cats that D.J. Flick is not much of a team guy.

Apparently he is more worried about personal stats than the team as a whole.

I wonder if anybody can shed some light on this?

Maybe this is why Flick is not seeing the ball much this season. Is he getting along with Maas and Paopao?

If this is true, you would think that Lancaster would show him the door, as he has done with other good players, who have had attitude problems.

I don't know who your source is, but they are DEAD wrong on this one. How can anyone say he's not a team guy?? Not only does he go out there and play his heart out at receiver, knowing he probably won't see much of the ball (he's a long ball receiver and our playbook doesn't include that), but he stepped up to return punts and even blocked a punt last game. He wants to get the job done and contributes in any way he can to help us win.

Sprry BG but i would love to see him jump and fight for a ball when it`s tossed up . I havent seen that from him yet .

Sorry back HM, but it's a lot easier to jump and fight for a ball when it's being thrown to you.

I don't mean to upset anyone.

I like D.J. too. He's a game breaker, great speed and a good pass catcher.

However, this news comes from someone who helps out with practice every day.

He's just reporting what he sees on a daily basis.

This, like so many other posts, questioning the loyalty of the players is non-productive!

Flick, like any other player, if thrown the ball will catch it and run with it!

I would never question DJ's commitment!

Then this sort of news should stay inside the stadium.

Gee, d'ya maybe think that DJ is counting on performance bonuses (as ALL players do) with regards to receptions, yardage, TDs, etc?

Saying that DJ is "not a team player" is like saying that Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name) was an average WR... :o

Oh man, one more bad story about the Cats after another, I think I have to try and not come on here much any longer, it's all getting very sad.


If this is a case of "DJ thinks he should get the ball more" then I'll actually be happy because:

  1. Receivers should be hungry for the ball. You don't want a receiver to play with the attitude "boy, i sure hope I get to run a lot of decoy routes today!"

  2. He's right, he should be more involved in the gameplan

DJ wants to win, doesnt have an attitude problem and anything your source sees is probably someone that is sick of losing.

Not surprised to hear this if it is in fact true. (And, I do take such rumours with a SPOONFULL of salt).

But, DJ is on my "target" list of people who would be shown the exit door. He is the same as Mr Yeast...'throw the ball directly to me and if there are no defenders who are going to hit me I will catch the ball. But I am not going to come back to the ball, jump, or take a hit'

I don't question the athleticism of DJ Flick. But, I do question his heart!

No way, He makes catches in traffic and takes hits. He has been our best all around receiver over the past 2 seasons and is NOTHING like Mr. Yeast.

Im shocked to read this opinion on him, he has taken a pounding and most TV commentators have commented on his toughness. He plays a position that doesnt see as many balls yet have you ever heard or seen him complain? Not once.

He's a professional receiver and they all want the football, but if you have ever met DJ he'll be the first to tell you that losing isnt much fun and he'd rather be winning.

I couldn't have said it better myself, Crash. I'm speechless. Taking hits has never been a concern with DJ IMO. Not only does he take the hit but he comes up with the ball when he does. He has been one of our go-to guys since he got here.IMO one of the reasons for our lack of success is that we're not using DJ enough.

This comment couldn’t possibly be from bobbythefinch. It sounds more like something bobbythezilla would say!!!

I cant believe im reading this crap.D.J. is the only player who actually looks like he's trying out there.
It isn't his fault were using a highschool playbook.
Second of all nobody in this forum is in the dressing room wit these players,so how does anybody know realistically what goes on in there.
What about Jason Maas?everytime he throws a incomplete pass all he does is shake his head.I never see him on the sidelines trying to get the O.F. going like I seen him do in Edmonton.Where is heart.
I think D.J. is one of the best players we have.
Maybe instead of showing players the door we should show coaches the door.

I didnt say he wasnt trying , I said i dont see him, or any of our guys for that matter, fighting for deep balls when they are in the air .

Maybe it`s a case of thier size I dont know . But i did see Arland Bruce make Allen look good where as ours didnt do the same for Maas . Then after the game you hear that Maas doesnt go deep . He went deep as much as Allen did and wasnt rewarded the same, thus Allen looks like the hero and Maas the goat .

Ive seen one tremendous catch on a deep ball this season and that was Ralph in I think the first game in the first quarter if im not mistaken . That`s a long time in between great catches dont you think ???

How soon some of you supposed fans forget...

Just because some posters have opinions about DJ's playing that's not in line with kissing his butt, they're 'supposed fans'??
Everyone is entitled to submit their views. Is that not the whole point to message boards?

And before I get jumped on because this is my first post and only registered today; I'm related to a user on this site and read the board regularly.

I think it's BS to call people non-fans because they have a view other than your own.

I may question DJ's abilities, but there is one UNDISPUTED thing, he is a team first player.

"Second of all nobody in this forum is in the dressing room wit these players,so how does anybody know realistically what goes on in there."

And just how do you know this!

I have seen some mighty suspicious postings on this board recently.