Flemons and Crawford resign

Argos have announced that they have resigned DE/DT Ron Flemons and RB/ST teams captain Bryan Crawford. Not unexpected IMO but good signing in any case.
I thought Flemons really came into his own last year having seemingly mastered some technique for getting to the QB. Previous years he seemed to struggle in that category.
I expect Adriano Belli and Kevin Huntley to return as well and are probably already resigned and will be announced in due time.
According to Perry Lefko Eric Taylor will test the free agent market.

Bryan Crawford is a valuable special teams guy for them and is probably like an assistant coach for O'Shea. Helping train the new guys on keeping in their lanes down field etc. during kick returns.

According to Perry DB Lin-J Shell and OT Shannon Boatman will also become free agents. Seems to be the name of the game. Bring in new players every year who will play for the minimum and let them go after their option year unless they have made a good starting position.
Shell seemed to have established himself as a starter at DB but maybe Barker doesn't feel he is that much better than some other young cheaper players available.

Argos sign DT Matt Askew and LB Anthony Cannon. Askew is probably brought in just in case Eric Taylor or Kevin Huntley get a better offer somewhere. They had him in for a month on the PR last fall so must think he can play, at 6'05 300 he should be a run stopper.
Cannon sounds like he could be a good one though. All everything at Tulane, and at 6'00 225 and a weight lifter he would make a great CFL MLB. That's a Canadian position right now though, so maybe he can play on the outside and rotate with Younger.