Flemming a goner???

Just reading a spec article interviewing our GM.

He said about the kicking game that ideally there would be one player handle the placekicking, punting and kick-offs. 1st choice would be a Canadian kicker do all the kicking, second choice would be an import kicker doing all the kicking, and 3rd choice would be to have a punter and a placekicker as we had this year.
If that is what he wants, you got to figure Flemming will not be with the team this coming season unless they fail to recruit the proper candidate. He said that there would be plenty of Americans brought in to camp.
We have been so spoiled with Ozzy, and Bernie that we did not even fully appreciate them when they were here.
I guess this puts Boreham back in the picture.

I guess this puts Boreham back in the picture.
Im not so sure about that, if we want someone to do both jobs it also means they have to be able to do both CONSISTANTLY. Jamie is a mediocre/inconsistant place kicker and a downright bad punter.

I do agree with you Crash.

I am not a Jamie backer, but he sure punts better than the Sask kicker who holds down both jobs.

I am just saying that if you want a non-import to do all three jobs Jamie has to be considered.
He is a hella of a kick-off guy, decent placekicker, and has punting experience.

Non-imports who do all 3 jobs, and are available are pretty rare.
Makes you think a guy like Noel Pre from Toronto is among the most valuable assets in the CFL.

Momma, let your sons grow up to be kickers!!!

Boreham can't punt, never could.

If true, this has import P/K written all over it.

And just think Sandro Diangelis (now a Stampeder) walked into our camp for a tryout and they tried him and sent him on his way,...
Of course now he's the premier field goal kicker in the CFL ,just two years later .....
Hmmmm,sure glad our coaches and talent evaluaters are gone that made that descision!!!!

too bad he doesn't punt...

desjardins wont want him either.... lol.

beamreach , coaches make mistakes every year on all teams in all leagues . who knows mabe he wasnt kicking well that camp . You dont know all the particulars .

he didn't even get an INVITE to camp habman, even though he asked for a tryout... (twice rejected if i do recall that spec article correctly)

Yes and maybe the day he kicked he didnt show well !!! Are you telling me that coaches in all of football dont make mistakes in evaluating talent ?

Personally speaking, I fully appreciated both when they were here.

Again, habman, he didn't get a chance to kick. He was denied the opportunity for a tryout, presumably because our coach(es) felt they had something better to do than evaluate new talent. No one can fault a coach for passing on a player that botched his try-out, but I think there are those who would blame the coaching staff for refusing to at least give this Sandro kid a look-see.

ExPat, SD had the totally amazing [/sarcasm] FG percentage of AT LEAST 45%. No wonder he didn't get a tryout...

Talent goes unnoticed all the time by all teams in every sport.

He asked for a tryout and was denied... it happens. Imagine if everyone that asked for a tryout was given one?!?

I'd be trying out next year!

Hey Rusty25

Well maybe if you played your college football at the University of Nebraska, and you were a Canadian Kicker, then I would be sure to give you a tryout.

Bottom Line if you are a young Canadian and have played US football of any kind (HS, college) and have a big,live leg..then they should be around( Look at us we passed on Mike Vandergajt in 94, Deangelis in '04)

Sigpig, SD HAS the totally amazing [/no sarcasm] FG percentage of AT LEAST 82% over his first two years in the CFL, and, is generally considered THE BEST kicker in the league...CFL all star 2005 and probably 2006 along with Special Teams Player of the Year!. ANY coach worth his while should have at least given him a look even though his collegiate career was not stellar (And there were plenty of extenuating circumstances in Nebraska which caused it to be so!)...Especially Hamilton...What would it have cost them, cab fare to and from Niagara Falls?! If uneducated comments like yours make you feel better about the situation, then by all means carry on...And by all means, we will all continue to enjoy SD's play...Unfortunately, not for the Ticats!

We already had 2 crap kickers in camp, Mr. Deangelis. We didn't need a third. As for his performance thus far, congrats.

Obviously, to all but you, they should have at least taken a look to judge for themselves! How can you argue that? Hey, are you the guy that turned him down?

I'm not trying to defend a certain former head coach, but at the time we still had Ozzie, with Boreham and Currie(SP?) waiting in the wings. No room in training camp for a FOURTH kicker.