Flat Earthers out there?

MadJack raised an interesting question the other day:

“I wonder if we have a flat-earther in the forums?”

So? Anyone?

I think it’s pretty round myself…

And in case you’re shy to out yourself, a poll:

  • Round Orb
  • Flat Disc

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you forgot "other"

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actually its an oblate spheroid


Aren't all orbs round ?

FYB mentioned you forgot 'Other' and I think you forgot 'Both' !

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R&W....I always thought you were a member of that group actually.

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…nah, that’s nonsense, the conspiracies I hold dear to are much deeper than this…

I think it's round and pretty.

Like a marble with an oily human sheen (call room service).

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If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck, or round or something like that anyways.

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actually, the whole thing is virtual and we are sitting in a chair in another undescribable dimension


I've seen flat ducks. They're delicious.


…I don’t usually go for roadkill so I’ll take your word for it


I said 'flat duck' not 'ew yuck'. Anyway here's a glimpse (prepare to drool):

A Spatchcocked Duck roasted to crispy perfection.


ro is correct

It is not perfectly round it is compressed
Funny how with pictures noone seems to realize this

Oblate vs Prolate

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Once space travel to low Earth orbit becomes as cheap as cab fare all of the Flat Earthers (who aren't Fat Flat Earthers) will be able to see for themselves that the Earth is completely flat... or not.

It's the 'not' part that's going to blow their minds.

This is priceless, Joe knows his stuff! :slight_smile:

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yeah, like what to call black people


He messed up with that no question FYB, at least he apologized but really he should have known better without a doubt, in the first place.

mobius strip anyone?

Well let that be a lesson for you kiddies out there . Smoking too much dope is bad for you , and we all know that Joe Rogan smokes it by the baleful .