flase field goal

is there a way you could show us? like take a pic of it on your TV, or if you have a flip cam or something like it, rec the moment, and the review afterward that shows it, post it on you tube, and post it here.

Couldn't agree more, and couldn't have said it better myself, really, just look at my posts. :oops:

watch this clip, starting around the 31:25 mark.


unfortunately the picture quality isn't very clear, but watching on TV is was obvious.

"Questioning your fanhood"?? No, I'm questioning some other aspects of your "hood".

"Screwjob". "Need for referees to be punished". "Pathetic". "Embarrasing". "referees need to apologize". "most pathetic thing I have ever seen in the history of my life of watching football". "refs effectively squashed any chance of momentum building by making this terrible blunder".

All this because you think maybe the officials may have made a mistake based on what you saw (or thought you saw) on TV?


Yes. Officials made a huge blunder -- Called a missed field goal a successful field goal -- For some reason the higher power of officiating, ie. Toronto's head office of "whatever it is they do", could not see on plain as day TV that the field goal missed, despite it being their job, the player reactions, commentator reactions and replays confirming it.

There seems to be a refusal to correct or address mistakes that were made. We have all seen it happening time and time again.

Being a fan (or not) has nothing to do with that being the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in football. The fact is, I have never seen that and I never thought I would.

IMO it was pathetic. It might be up to your standards, I don't know.

As for the Montreal screwjob, it was exactly that, plain and simple. Montreal had their TD removed, then they lost the game. This was not up to my standards, maybe it was up to yours.

I have heard of many stories of pro-coaches fining players who drop easy passes. I have seen many examples of leagues fining coaches for speaking in areas that are not within their jurisdiction to do so. What is wrong with punishing people for making mistakes? This is pro-football. It is not like I am saying "Give them ten lashes!"

Okay at least tell us who Flase plays for.

Did you watch the MLB playoffs this year? Those guys were a total joke.

I didn't save it on a DVR; I watched it live, on my 50 inch LCD TV in crystal clear HD. The picture on my TV was so clear, you could clearly see the net that they put up in the end zone on field goal attempts.

The net that partially obscured both the ball and the goal post.

I expected to see a replay from a side angle, which would have been clear and unobstructed. But they didn't show it. But the angle they showed, with both the ball and the goal post partially obscured, would be insufficient evidence to overturn the call.

It is very possible that the officials got the call wrong. In the CFL, there is a very simple remedy for errors by the officials: challenge the call and ask for a review. If no one asks for a review of the play, it is no one's fault but their own that the play is not reviewed.

And a missed field goal would not have shifted the momentum. That's ridiculous.