flase field goal

Does ANYONE have proof this FG did NOT go through the uprights??

Cold hard proof..... VISUAL proof??

until then... it's a FG!!

Alright CanucKev, name ONE example of an NFL ref or NCAA missing a call like that? We have two for the CFL so far. Fact it that kinda thing should NEVER happen. I know they are human, but we have cameras, so why couldn't they say, oh! we made a mistake, and reverse the call or do the FG over again? just a bad bad play....

CK, I saw it, and it did NOT go in, the ball passed by the right post to the right. Had it gone it, it would have passed the right post to the left. The ball disappeared behind the post for a few seconds, and did not go in. I wouldn't be going nuts if I didn't think it was questionable.

True, very true, if Kelly could have reviewed it he should have, but I don't know for sure that can be reviewed.

Yep, no question, TMOs are the best, and would have overturned that call.

forgive me, I was at a computer that didn't have Firefox to tell me to correct myself, and maybe I should have had it installed or found a computer that had one. My mistake and lack of judgment.

BTW, who is this "he" you are referring too?

Yeah, almost like everyone here has lost hope that the Refs could ever get better... sad.

then again, maybe I'm just a delusional progressive fool.

I'll look for it.

Ireland IMHO should be fried or forced to retire.

...a little harsh, no?

mmmmmmmmmmm, deep fried Ireland, I wonder if he be as good as a deep fried mars bar? the ones I make at home are delicious! :lol:

seriously though, that guy is pass his sell by date. Time for him to hit the road in a glorious send off, thanking him for years of being one of the worst TV time refs in gridiron football history.

and that post I checked in word, it's prefect! :smiley: :thup:

TSN does..watch the replay.

not in the highlights, and the articles on the game don;t mention it, can you say cover up?

Can you post a link? I can't find it.

Ha!! Not quite... :lol:

Deep frying Ireland’s probably not a good idea since he’s really old and gamey. Instead, I’d suggest parboiling him for about 20 minutes, marinating him in lemon butter overnight, and then bake him in the oven at 350. Anything to keep him from having any impact on the outcome of this year’s playoffs.

BTW, anyone who honestly thinks that FG attempt went through the uprights needs to put down his crack pipe.

And anyone tying to defend it(the call) needs to do likewise.

You know, I wish all of you so called "fans" that are calling for these refs to be "disciplined", "fired" or "suspended" would work just ONE game as an official at a local Pee Wee game...just one!

Man...would your viewpoint change in a hurry.

Funny, the players make a ton of mistakes, the coaches...ha, even more. Why is it the refs should lose their heads for getting 98% of their calls right...especially considering the guys selling popcorn in the stands are making more than most of the officials in the CFL!


So you mean to say that an NFL referee is automatically more capable than a CFL ref of something as simple as seeing whether a ball has gone through the posts or not?!? My point is that everyone makes mistakes. If a CFL ref can make that mistake, so can an NFL or NCAA ref, based on the fact that they're HUMAN. I don't watch enough NFL or NCAA games to give you specific examples but there are always blown calls in every league. Consider that there are hundreds of NCAA games and 13-16 NFL games every week for 5 or 6 months. You don't think that in any of those games, someone blows an obvious call?!? I can think of one specific example: Remember the NFL ref from a number of years ago who screwed up the coin toss? How obvious is that!

My other point is that from the TV shot, it only appears that the ball went outside the post. Looking into the sun, there might not have been enough contrast to distinguish the ball from the post behind it. Even more critically, the frame rate on the replay might have been just slow enough and timed just perfectly so that the frame showing the ball in front of the post was skipped.

Again, IIRC, I only saw one Winnipeg player (out of 42) making a protest, and no coaches. And I don't think Winnipeg had much momentum left at that point of the game anyway. Plus, these are professionals - they have to put whatever the ref does, however wrong it is, out of their mind before the next play.

Look, I'm not saying it was for sure a FG. And if it wasn't, I'm not saying that ref didn't screw up. I'm not even saying that refs should get one or two "freebies" in a season. I agree that the officiating this year seems to have taken a step back. What I AM saying is that a) mistakes happen (s*** happens), and b) I'm still not 100% convinced that it was a mistake.

somethings change, somethings don't, what can I say besides I have been better than before (along I let emotion get the best of me a few days ago, sorry everyone for all the posts one after another).

lol :lol: lol

That should be nominated for post of the year! :thup:

A TMO should have been used to determine it, instead of a ref looking into the sun, or looking up and THINKING it whet in. Do you not know how bad the imagine of the CFL looks to the world when something like this happens?

98% no way, and yes we are critical, because we want them to do their jobs and get the call right, instead of making themselves and everyone look like clowns, or making the wrong call that blows a game, and later has serious results in the standings, see that game in Montreal at BC for further reference.

Refs need better training and disciple, and some CFL refs need to hit the road, before we are able to see any real change to the quality of the CFL.

I wish I had the ability to show you what I mean, but I don't because none of the highlights have it, nor to any of the news articles about the game mention it, and I have no idea on how to take a game from broadband, rip it, edit it, and post a video or a pic here (and even if I did, that be technically illegal if it was a video). So I can prove to you it happened but to tell you I saw it happen, and so did a number of posters.

NFL and NCAA refs do make mistakes, sometimes will big consequences. Could they have made the same mistake the CFL ref did, maybe, have they, I don't think so. Unfortunately the CFL is the one under fire, and really needs to improve it's product in refs if it is to be taken seriously. I don't know how the NFL selects and trains it's refs, but I'll willing to be the process they go though is something the CFL should look at and mirror to come up with someone that can tell when a there is an FG or not.

It wasn't the video, it was clear to me and a lot of people it wasn't an FG. Unless the post is transparent, which is isn't, it wasn't an FG. Again I wish I could show you, it was close, almost hit the post, but it was wide.

and now a player has one more extra FG to his status that he shouldn't have been given credit for, that's pretty bad for the other kickers no?

Sadly, Kelly didn't protest, and he out of respect for the team and the image of league should have protested it, but I suppose this will be the last nail in the coffin for his days as the Winnipeg HC. Yes the game was over, and it didn't quite matter, but no one should get freebie points, or points for something that didn't happen. If anything, this makes the single look good, and could be used as an example for pro single fans.

lady justice was crying when that "FG" was counted.

Yes. I have the proof saved on my DVR at home. It was played on 42 inch LCD TV in crystal clear HD.

It was blatant. The ball crossed the goaline wide of the field goal posts.

So by your logic . . . it is not a FG!!

"you so called 'fans'" . . . Wow. Questioning my fanhood because I want the refs to make the right calls. How does that make me a "so called 'fan'"

I am not commenting on how the refs used their discretion in a possible Pass Interference, or how they made a ruling on a call that could have gone either way.

I am talking about seeing if a ball went through the uprights. The fact that everybody makes mistakes should not have a bearing on whether or not points are given in a FG attempt. That is a clear black and white issue.

There are a few black and white issues in Football and they need to perfect. If they aren't they need to be corrected via the replay system we have in place. Thus, there is no excuse for that pathetic ruling.