flase field goal

who can the refs miss that? in the Hamilton/Winnipeg game, in the 4th quater, Hamilton got credit for a Field Goal that clearly was wide (at most it be a single, a behind, or no pointd for hitting the post)! Mind you it didn;t matter because the the Cats sealed the deal with a TD moments later, but c'mon! That's not professional! The CFL needs to own uo to their refs mistake, and say that in future they will train them better, and make sure this NEVER happens again! :oops:

LOL that's true...the refs need to huddle or something after plays like that. Embarassing to get it wrong.

Like it made ANY difference..... but yea.. they need to get it right

The fact it happened AT ALL is troubling! if anything it shows these refs are awful, and need proper training! no more waiting! this must be made a high priority!

Winnipeg got credit for a sack on what was obviously a Bomber offside. I consider it an even up....

a missed penalty is not the same as a flase field goal, you mean to tell me that 3 points and a penalty have the same vaule?

OHHHHHHHHHHHH it wasnt a flase FG.. it was a FALSE FG...... now it makes SENSE... yea.. we got 3 points for that.. but Winnipeg should have been penalized 450 yards for Bishop impersonating a QB!!

We'll call it even!!

since it was a 39-17 final

errr 36-17 final... giving back the 3 here

I wan the refs to say they were wrong, and not have the CFL cover up their mistakes anymore.

Has Kelly made an ass of himself again on radio yet, or will we have to wait til morning to find out?

392 field goal attempts this season. 1 mistake. FIRE THEM ALL!!! :lol:

Okay, let's pretend they got the call correct. The ball, which went untouched through the end zone, would have scored a single point for Hamilton, instead of 3. Winnipeg, instead of returning the kickoff to their own 45, would have gotten the ball on their 35. The result? Jykine Bradley would have run 10 fewer yards before reaching the end zone, and Hamilton would have won by 20 instead of 22.

you have to admit bigdave, once is one too many in this case, and they are under fire already by other questionable calls.

I know it doesn't matter in the game, that's not the point, the point is that messed up something that really shouldn't have been messed up, especailly snice the rival leagues like the NFL would NEVER make that mistake.

CFL has a problem with their refs, and needs to fix it before the issue gets any wrose. They can't afford suck mistakes, it reduces the value of the product they have.

I wonder how it's possible to do it. I mean, you have one official under each upright, how can you blow that call!?! Is that "miss" even possible for a coach to challenge? I've seen it happen only once before, where an official called the play dead because he "saw" the ball hit an upright (it was actually wide by a good three yards), but that was back in the 1990 Eastern Playoffs. As a result a single was not awarded (though the point wasn't critical in the outcome). Something like that CANNOT happen. Human error is reasonable argument in some instances, but not here IMO.

Please. Anyone can make a mistake. An NFL ref is not trained any better in watching for field goals than a CFL ref is. There is no way that assumption is true.

Also, did anyone get a view of the FG attempt other than the one shown on TV? The one on TV was not 100% clear. It looked like it probably went wide, but not definitely. It's hard to tell when a FG is good, there was mesh in the way, and IIRC it was looking towards the sun.

What I personally think happened is the ref ended up having his view blocked by the posts/crossbar when he looked up. Not entirely sure if that would be enough to make a difference though.

Plus, did Winnipeg have any challenges left? If so I'm sure they could have asked for a review. Even if they were within the 3-minute warning, Kelly could still have at least made a fuss over it.

Are you suggesting the view from your TV/armchair is better than the official who is standing directly underneath the post? You're kidding, right?

I think it's you who are kidding. Of course the view on TV is better. What do you think they use when they review a play, the HD feed from TSN. What do you think gives you a better chance of making a correct call, 3 HD cameras from different angles that can be stopped/slow motioned, or a live play from field level. The tape clearly shows that FG passing in front of the right upright, and it should never have called good. Anyone who says it doesn't matter is missing the point, bad calls like that can happen at field level sure, but it should have been reviewed and called a miss by Ireland in the CFL control centre.

I think the most disturbing thing is how little surprise there is that they could miss something like that.

Kinda tells you where our expectation levels have been set regarding CFL officials, doesn't it?

....anytime Kelly shows up as "A COACH" he makes that mistake. I'm sure he a good family man though??????????


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I think many people are missing the point that the refs couldn't see a FG go in between to massive yellow posts.

This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in the history of my life of watching football.

It is embarassing to anybody who ever defended the refs, including those of you currently doing so in this thread.

The referees need to apologize. The league needs to apologize.

There is a strong force in football called momentum. The refs effectively squashed any chance of momentum building by making this terrible blunder.

This, along with the Montreal screwjob shows the absolute need for the referees to be punished for their mistakes. Maybe then they would be less inclined to rule out the possibility that they are wrong.

The "head office" in Toronto with Higgins and Ireland must have seen that. If they can phone BC in seconds to blow a touchdown play dead in the midst of it, then they can review a field goal during a commercial break and take the points off the board.

Sick, pathetic, embarassing, laughable, did I say pathetic?