Flares at stadiums

What is the CFL's policy towards flares at the stadiums? They are commonplace in European Soccer, and add a lot to the atmosphere of the stadium. Does the CFL have a rule forbidding them?

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiJ4EUBUaAM


that looks pretty dangerous.

might as well be throwing glass bottles around the stadiums.

The CFL may or may not have a policy but I am sure most if not all cities would have a statute or by-law preventing the use of any incendiary devise. Calgary for instance had to get a permit to allow candles during the closing ceremonies of the olympics. That does not say that these devises don’t make it into the stands.

Although these devises do show up in Europian stadiums, I doubt very much that they are legal. I don’t know much about Europian Fire Codes but I would suspect that the use of such devices is forbidden, as it is here.

I went to a soccer game in Rome last year and despite searching fans bags and signs saying incendiary devices weren’t allowed, many still made it into the stands.

I doubt they'd be allowed. Fans can sometimes throw things and we don't need an image of a CFL player getting hit in the head with a flare like there was of that Soccer Goalie a few years back.

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Remember when the Riders had a fan known as the flame? Nobody really said anything until the person that usually helps him sent his kid in his place. There was a mishap and the kid got hurt, and after that the flame was extinguished. I dont think flares are a good idea, you can just see some drunken fan trying to toss one onto the field. There are enough idiots who disrupt games by running onto the field during or just after games.

I Dug Up My Employee Handbook From My Days Back At The Skydome

Since The Building Was Bought The Skydome Rules Were Changed To More Resemble The Rules That All MLB Stadiums Must Fallow.

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Look- you can't even trust the TEAMS to use flares, fireworks, etc.

We were at the Ti-Cat game where the turf started burning and the fireworks started shooting toward the hospitality tents. It was quite the show!

For Two Years Me And A Friend Of Mine Had An Argo Flag That We Tied To A Hockey Stick. Last Season He Went Out And Got Himself A Flag Pole And Of Coarse The Stupid Skydome Starts To Inforce The Flag Pole Rule For Last Season Since They're Trying To Create Unity Across All Their Events.

Flares are banned even from most European soccer federations. Watch the EPL on Sportsnet's Soccer Saturday and try and find a flare.

Italy is one of the only places outside of South America were flares are still common place. In light of the recent death of a police officer in Sicily due to rioting between rival fans, the Italian government has indefinitely banned spectators from all but 4 stadia in that country.


I'm glad there are no flares. The drunk two rows down from us can barely juggle his beers without dousing everyone in the section. I'd hate to see him with flares!

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