Flames to Unveil CalgaryNEXT - Stamps/Flames

From a CFL stadium perspective, the current very early design is pretty bad. The seating on the north side looks like a high school stadium. That track is awful, you can see it during football according to the drawings. multi-use facilities were gone by the 90's. The overall concept I like, the fieldhouse needs 5,000 more seats on the north side so it doesn't look like amateur hour, and no track, that would be a start. I don't see any suites in these drawings either.

Then you have the softies whining it's to cold in Sep. through Nov and won't sit outside .

The drawings were just a rough estimate. Not meant to be detailed at all.

I agree with other posters though. Im not a fan of this running track field house business. Even if seats roll on top of the track.

The city should just take the $200 million and spend $175 million on an outdoor stadium and $25 million for a community sized fieldhouse. Who wants to be inside in july aug sept? Not me. Plus a roof probably adds at least $50 million to the cost.

Let the flames do their own thing with the arena. The city can spend $175 mill and have a nice 30,000 seat stadium somewhere in quality between thf and mosaic 2.0.

Not to be negative, but if /when the next major flood hits here in Calgary, this complex will be the first to be underwater.

First thing I thought of when I saw the location next to the river.

Not if you listened to the presentation. According to King, it's not in the flood plain, wasn't affected by the previous flood, and is considered safe from flooding.

No BCR, I did not listen. Just saw the photo and pre-worried.

Good info to know though.

I hope this does not turn out to be the Ottawa circus for many years.

It's pretty early but the presentation looks underwhelming as far as the Stamps are concerned. The field house concept drawing don't look like a professional stadium, and I'm not sure how you can expand the capacity for Grey Cup in there with a fixed roof.

It kind of looks to me like they're using the field house concept to get the city or province to cover some of the money, and the Flames get the nice arena and the Stamps get the leftovers. Hopefully the early concepts are way off the final product.

And also what was that in Hamilton until recently including that record thread on this forum with over 1 million views! :o

I sure hope they figure it out so that this thread does not get that many views that endure several years.

I think many folks did not pay attention to the above. I like it.

I understand what BCRidersfan is referring too with these first drawings. Not many seats between the goal lines in the drawing below along the north side - and lots of endzone seats too. Opposite of Hamilton and Ottawa. The design with the sloped roof with high seating on one side and much less on the other almost reminds me of the arena under the one stands at TD Place that the Ottawa 67's play in.


...there is a reason one side is higher than the other...in Calgary there is a design bylaw that no building can cast a shadow on the Bow River (measured by the sun's angle on the spring/fall equinox, not the winter solstice)...so the design for NEXT has a lower north side (closest to the river) and a higher south side...while the renderings show a rather underwhelming north side I imagine the south side would be pretty massive (and probably where all the private suite boxes are located)....

...to king10, your suggestion of splitting up various facilities here and there is not logical, I'm not sure if you are aware but the Flames and Stamps are owned by the same sports corporation and there is great administrative synergy (and therefore $ savings) in having the complex house all factions of the corporation's holdings...the city is not going to spend their $200M portion for the fieldhouse on a football-specific stadium, nope not at all...

...since this was released I've heard nothing but whining from the locals...did my city not once host a Winter Olympics? so soon that can-do spirit disappears...

It's great we are getting another new stadium in the CFL. I think this will be up there with IGF and Mosaic .

These renders look terrible.
It's a convention center with a football field.

I think the finished product will be better than the initial drawings .

How would one prepare or even just expand seating for a Grey Cup??
Seems to be rather restricting. That's what will determine how functional it is (for me) in terms of Canadian football.

The usual routine is to present renderings that far exceed what will actually get built.

then the city should build an outdoor stadium beside the arena and use the roof savings on a community fieldhouse

this convention centre looking stadium is getting laughed at all across Canada. it isn't going to happen. time for the Flames to go back to the drawing board.

majority of ppl dont want to sit in a dead atmoshpere convention centre type dome in the middle of summer. multi use stadiums were 1980's and suck the life out of summer sports. even with retractable seats the running track is visible and there are waaaay too many endzone seats... and the renders showed bench seating

Considering there are 9 cities in the CFL and the chances of getting a Grey Cup is once every 9 years, I don't think that Calgary will be designing their stadium to accommodate a game that they may host once in 9 years.

Calgary would be stupid to not at least include provisions to increase seating capacity for Grey Cups. Its a monster event and a growing city like Calgary would shoot itself in the foot if it did not design a stadium capable of expansion to hose the grey cup.

Every other new stadium has made provisions for expansion to 35,000 to 40,000 seats. No reason why Calgary shouldn't do the same.