Flames to Unveil CalgaryNEXT - Stamps/Flames

Finally moving forward on this at least in a Public setting.

[url=http://www.calgarysun.com/2015/08/12/flames-calgarynext-project-to-be-unveiled]http://www.calgarysun.com/2015/08/12/fl ... e-unveiled[/url]

Information session scheduled for August 18

Sounds like Stadium and Fieldhouse to be one building. Apparently asking city for 200 Mil for this. Team will finance arena on own.

Hope this gets done!

Wow. That's awesome.

Anyone every heard of a "Stadium/fieldhouse" anywhere?

According to Save Dormer from the Sun, it appears to be one building.

Dave Dormer ?@SunDaveDormer · 48m48 minutes ago Source says @CalgaryNext project will include arena for @NHLFlames and fieldhouse for @calstampeders, proposed for west end of downtown #yyc
Looking forward to see the images.

Once the Argos are into BMO and this goes up, all short term stadia needs will be in place. :thup:

This is great news and hopefully gets done.
While not mentioned in the link, I remember hearing that there was talk of a 40,000 permenant seat stadium, which IMO is too large. 30,000 with a lounge (similar to the Ticats), premium seating in the endzones (also similar to the Cats) and 40 suites would be perfect IMO. With expansion 45,000 shouldn't be out of the question.

Well Montreal has issues, they are not allowed to practice at McGill. They have no practice facility and their offices are split 3 ways.

Like Edmonton, where the city built the new fieldhouse adjacent to Commonwealth. 40,000 seats could work very well, given that teams usually experience a bump in attendance on the opening of new facilities. But it's all just speculation right now.

In this context to involve football and hockey I have not heard the term fieldhouse ever used, but I have for sure for basketball.

The new building opened in 1999, where the NBA’s Indiana Pacers play to this day, was originally called Conseco Fieldhouse. It is known now as Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Also there is the historic Hinkle Fieldhouse of “Hoosiers” fame on the campus of Butler University.

I’ve never heard of any sport other than basketball played in a “fieldhouse,” and also I don’t know of any “fieldhouse” outside of Indiana. I’d be interested to hear any such examples.

I sure hope this plan for Calgary goes through though.

when I think fieldhouse, I think of the Hamilton Pie in the Sky stadium proposal


of course in the NFL the home of the Indianapolis Colts also has that fieldhouse look like so many other arenas in Indiana

Yeah they definitely need a new football stadium.

I was there in 2011 and while I didn't notice it as much in 2000 I definitely noticed it getting pretty old in 2011 and that it really need to be replaced. I think its actually starting to hurt the Stampeders now attendance wise as they used to get so many games with 35,000 just a few years ago, that would've been a perfect time to build.

Lot of people from Calgary I know, lots of fam I have there, and friends, have used McMahon with the words "trash", "too old", "uncomfortable". My dad wasn't even able to sit in the good seats because he has a bad knee and seemed really crammed to me we moved to the bench seats in the endzones just so we could sit comfortably enough.

I think its nice for the most part but is just too old to attract many new fans I think.

Saddledome I heard has a weird concourse where you have to go up stairs or something in the ends? I haven't yet been in there altho I been in Calgarys previous arena before the Saddledome

Very nice! Hope to see this happen! :thup:

...the Corral?! what? to watch SuperDogs during the Stampede?!

Sounds interesting, having lived in Calgary years ago, I am surprised that they are planning for the West side of Downtown. The East side between the Stampede grounds and the Bow River, has been long considered for major redevelopment. I would have to agree with a previous post that routes to get in and out of the west side are limited, and would have to have major upgrades.
Flames looking to foot the bill entirely for a new arena, but no word on their investment for the stadium yet, only proposing $200 by the city so far for a field house. Not sure what a field house/stadium combined would look like but the Flames are hopefully willing to put another $200-300 million minimum for the stadium or its going to be not much of one. Also, hoping that the stadium/ field house combo doesn't mean there is going to be a track around the field, that just seems to push the stands further away from the field than it needs to be.

Looking forward to Tuesday.

...the east side of downtown is already well into a re-development of the area with dozens of new apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels and cultural facilities (new main library and the National Music Centre)...

http://www.evexperience.com/ http://www.calgarymlc.ca/new-central-library/ http://www.nmc.ca/

...the west end of downtown (west of 14th Street, where the Greyhound depot currently sits) is next up for re-development and having the stadium/arena as the centrepiece would be awesome...sure some of the roads will need upgrading but not a big deal, and the West LRT runs right through there so lots of access to public transit...

Details released.

[url=http://calgaryherald.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/flames-reveal-details-of-900m-downtown-arena-stadium-plan?hootPostID=6983f6b72246b28badc660aad7c1a499]http://calgaryherald.com/sports/hockey/ ... aad7c1a499[/url]

Funding Plan

The $890-million budget would be paid from four sources — a $240-million community revitalization levy, a $250-million ticket tax, $200 million from the city to fund the fieldhouse, and a $200-million contribution from the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation, the Flames’ ownership group
Didn't get a good look at the images but it looks the like Fieldhouse/stadium will be a retractable roof and FIFA sized pitch.

Did anyone attend?

looks to be a fixed roof.

not sure how it'll work with the running track. I sure hope the stands aren't behind the running track in CFL configuration. would make for some awful sitelines.

also not crazy about the permanent roof. nothing beats an outdoor summer football game.

From what (admittedly little) I’ve seen of and heard about this, it’s a disappointment. No details, just a few renderings and a ballpark figure on cost. I’m very skeptical of the idea of having the football stadium inside the fieldhouse and surprised they’re seemingly proposing a non-retractable roof. My initial reaction is that the city should build the fieldhouse at Foothills as in the original plan and find another design and funding solution for the arena and stadium.

If you watch the complete announcement, they address this. My concern was it would be something like Commonwealth, but it's not. Lower level seats would be retractable, and would cover the track. As far as the roof, it would be fixed, but they're looking at an option for it to be translucent, like the new Vikings stadium. It all comes down to funding.

[url=http://www.calgarynext.com/multisport-fieldhouse-stadium.php]http://www.calgarynext.com/multisport-f ... tadium.php[/url]

Nobody wants to sit inside a enclosed stadium during the summer in Canada. That's the appeal of the CFL, giving sports fans a reason to get out of the house and sit in the sun when the weather is nice.