Flames to own approximentaly 75% of Stamps


Probably a good thing for both teams. Seems to me it increases the likelihood of a new stadium and arena

Yes it appears as very good news.

Well one thing for certain, this will ensure that the Flames will ALWAYS get marketing preference. The Flames can now guarantee themselves to never be outshone by the Stamps in marketing and press. This will ensure that the Stamps will never do anything to upstage the Flames.

Just imagine what damage the Blue Jays would do to the Argos if they bought them. Now I'm not saying that the Flames are that evil, I'm just using Toronto as an extreme example, but always beware when one team buys another in the same market. Just like the Vancouver Voodoo roller hockey team which was a flagship business modelof the holler hockey league,very successful operation that sold out it's games. Then Orca Bay (the Canucks) bought them and were so excited to have 2 hockey teams and had great things planned, then shut them down a year later. Rotten bastards lied to the fans, bought the team with a secret agenda to shut it down.

Now I'm not saying that the Flames want to kill the Stamps. I don't believe that at all. Again, it's an extreme example, but just BEWARE the possible ulterior motive.

I just read on the TSN site how the Stamps have been valued at $15M, seems a tad low but the price has increased for sure as have all other teams.
Just think what the mega money maker Riders are worth as the most valuable team?
Can we say upward of $50M since the team annually grosses close to $30 million with profit to include merchandise only a close third behind the Leafs and Habs.
No wonder Mr. Braley is holding back from selling the Lions as reportedly turning down $15M recently.

I've read and posted articles ( one being an interview with the stamps owners Forzani ) that the Alouettes are the most valuable team in the league by a large margin. Not the riders.
They also, apparently, make more off sponsorship and have more revenue sources than the other teams.


The article you yourself posted, argotom, is no longer online, but xvy's comment reflects what I said above: Forzani says the als are the most valuable team.

Although I'm really not sure anyone would want to purchase the Argos if they did become available, assuming that say Rogers or MLSE did want to buy them asap and Braley fearing that what you say could be a scenario with them as far fetched as that sounds when thinking of the Leafs, Jays and maybe TFC as well, I can understand with the 100th Grey Cup and the importance of that in many ways, not just monetary, to Braley, why he wouldn't want to sell now to Rogers or MLSE to ensure the success of the 100th Grey Cup. In other words, maybe MLSE or Rogers would have purposely messed it up to keep the Argos as low as possible on the totem pole.

This is great news in my opinion. First of all this confirms the overall strength of our league and also gives good insight to the increasing value and prominence of CFL teams. I agree with prairiedog that this isn't necessarily going to make a huge impact for the stamps themselves though. I imagine it will pretty well be business as usual but it will allow the flames to cross-promote their products. The flames now own pretty well every team in Calgary as they also own the NLL team and the WHL team.

There's also talk that the owner of the Canucks is interested in buying the Lions. We'll see if that holds true in a year or so.

Let's hope this brings news of a new stadium. Calgary outgrew McMahon a while back. With a new stadium, the Stamps would easily be worth 2X what they are now. (if not more). Great news all around.

Funny how Calgary seems to "get it" when it comes to the advantages of owning a CFL team yet in Toronto people trip over themselves buying an MLS, MLB, & NBA teams, yet avoid the Argos like the plague. :?

I don't think this would hurt the Stamps, the seasons have so little overlap, that it wouldn't make much sense to try to lower the Stamps presence

I think that this is great news. :thup: It should help both teams.

I suppose in Toronto though all the big shots did have and maybe still do have simply aspirations only for an NFL team if they think that can happen. One wonders though how long they will look desperate in the eyes of many while the NFL basically pretends to be interested in Toronto saying if you build a real nice NFL specific stadium... dangling the carrot in front of them to watch them dance. :wink:

Again it is not only in , TORONTO. Do the Canadiens own part of the , ALS?
The ALS have some trouble filling a 25,000 seat stadium in Canada's second largest city.
They always could go back to the BIG O.
How many people will show up if they start losing?

BELL owns a big part of 2 Canadian NHL hockey teams [the Leafs and Montreal]
How about the B.C. Lions and the Canucks?

It is very true that Toronto and HAMILTON are difficult markets for the CFL. However ,
NBA basketball , MLB and the NFL are not burning the house down either.

I think it's kind of cool. :thup: Also nice to see Huf get an extension.

This might make Larry Tanenbaum of MLSE scream to death :lol:

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Gerry+James+Dynamite/5904876/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Gerr ... story.html[/url]


Way to go Gerry!

riders maybe 5 mill

Braley gets his share of the 2011 Grey Cup profits and his share of the 2012 Grey Cup profits. :cowboy:
If he still owns both teams in 2013 he will get 2 X the millions that every other CFL team gets. :cowboy:

For those interested/speculating, the Roughriders as of Mar. 31, 2011 had net assets of ~$20 Million and a profit of about $6.5 million on $38 million in revenues for the year previous. I’m not well-learned in the business of valuating companies, but $15 million wouldn’t even cover assets let alone the additional value profitability would give, but as they won’t be sold off anytime in the near future (if ever), any speculation of value is moot.

In any case, it will be great to see Calgary’s teams working together. The seasons complement each other fairly well, so I can see the benefits of having a football and hockey team under the same organization.

I have estimated, however $50M may not be enough for this cash cow.
You throw in a new stadium in Regina and wow, the price keeps going higher.

Toronto people don't understand this language, well certain well heeled sorts there. Please make it into grade 8 language so the Linds and Tanenbaums can digest it and understand. :lol: :lol: