Flames-Stamps - a good deal?

I'm somehwat puzzled by the announcement that the Flames are majority owners of the Stamps. Is appears, then, that the future of the Stamps is tied to the future of the Flames. They (Flames) seem to be solidly established in Calgary, but that could change.

A good deal or not? What say you?

Listened to an interview on the fan yesterday. I don't think it will change much on the football operations. I doubt they will need Lyle Bauer and probably a lot of office staff is going to also lose their jobs unfortunately. I think this might be a trend we will see going forward. These type of aquisitions are common place when the economy is contracting. In this case the Forzani group kept 25 percent of the team so you still have some football lovers involved so it is the best of both worlds.

La question que je me pose est principalement qui les propriétaires vont vouloir voir couverts par les media à partir de septembre? S'ils insistent pour que l'effort médiatique se porte encore plus vers les Flames, ce n'est pas une bonne nouvelle pour le football canadien. Au moins, Hufnagel y revient pour 5 ans, ce qui peut laisser croire que les Stampeders auront mieux à offrir que les Flames pendant quelques années.