Flames and Jets, shame shame shame

what are they thinking?

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Millionnaire hockey players get paid, or if they don't, no big deal. Squeeze the common folk for their last penny. Just disgusting.

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That's brutal. But the ones making those decisions are on contract or a salary.

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Both Jets and Flames reverse course


The power of social media at work

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yup. they get no credit from me for simply bowing to public pressure.

we all know they didn't really want to do the right thing.

I haven't cheered for the flames since the days of Lanny Mac. However, the jets are one of my fav teams to cheer for and I am sure disappointed in them

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Wheres Felipe from Threes Company when you need him to shame these organizations?

why is it up to others to pay the way for unemployed workers?

Assuming you're from Alberta, Judging from your handle, I don't think this is the best time to be bringing up that question.

It's just a question

for one thing, simple decent humanity

that's what ei is for

What makes the Arena workers so special.(Oh, thats right it's hockey!)
Libraries are closing, restaurants are closing, movie theaters, Bars, etc.
Everything is closing but Hospitals, grocery stores , gas stations, and whatever they deem essential services.
Tens of Thousands of small business owners in our Country will not survive 3 months with zero business.
If they go under, their employees go with them!

If season ticket holders are still charged for the cancelled games, part of that money should go to the arena workers.

...i think the part time workers are paid out of the revenue of food and beverage sales, whereas the ticket sales go towards player salaries and owners profits...not entirely sure about this...

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Ottawa Senators will help our arena workers

I thought Melnyk would be on the naughty list here.

With sports it looks like it was a case by case call by various teams and the ones that wouldn't got singled out and media shammed into reversing their position. Or in the Sens case, no position became a good one.

Most sports teams own or operate their arenas/stadiums so they would be either directly employed or contracted by the team hence many step up. If a team is merely a tenant, I can't see them paying the part time staff.

It became a good one. However, he waited until all other Cdn NHL teams had made announcements on how they were going to handle the situation.
He could have been the first one to announce his intentions.

No, that money should go towards a credit for the next season's season tickets