Flagship franchise in the CFL

ha ha ha Barnes never a momment where you do not make me laugh. I respect your post here but these examples are not what makes a flagship franchise. Nice try!
Over the years watching the CFL every team has been mentioned as a flagship franchise. But in this reference was mostly likely because they won the GC. A flagship franchise is determined by the person making the statment does it not.

Of course it's made by the person, thus the person must have some sort of reasoning to back it up.

Hamilton and TO can say that because they are the two oldest Franchises I do beleive.

Winnipeg is also up there for oldest.

Edmonton constant money makers, BC now money makers.

In the NHL it's often the Money Makers(thus TO, NYR, Detroit)

You basicly have to define what makes a Flagship Franchise.

To all this TO being so needed, why?

If the Argos Failed is Hamilton not one hour down the Road?
Could they not pick up that slack?
They are barely outside the GTA, also if TO died after Ottawa came back then Ottawa is also there to pick up that audience(the eastern Ontario bit)... if there is one.

It's not like Toronto is the only Football within 200 KM, it's 56 Mins From Downtown TO(or Hamilton) to the Downtown of the other City(going by Yahoo maps)
something like 80-90 KM.

BC can make a better argument because that is a huge Market that is now Lost if they don't have a team, the Jump from the Lions to Edmonton/Calgary is huge compared to Argos to Ti-cats.

your in TO and you want to see the CFL, it's not hard to drive to Hamilton, heck people from TO drive to Ottawa, Montreal or even Buffalo to see Leaf Games in masses(mind you leaf fans travel to almost any City or are in Any City)

But I know people who drive from Brampton to Buffalo to see Leaf Games, That is further then TO to Hamilton.

Also compare Sask, people drive six hours to see the Riders.

It might, MIGHT mean that TSN drops the CFL, but that would only be if their Ratings Dropped.

If so then TSN can go to Rogers sportnet, CBC, Global or the Score.

But TSN has shown it's support for the CFL so I don't beleive they'd walk.

Personally I don't beleive it works to have the flagship franchise in a City that has not had CFL football in the past 16 years(so Ottawa and Montreal are out).
Teams that have declared bankruptcy(TO and Hamilton for sure)

That leaves only the west.
Winnipeg wins being the oldest(also one of the most successful all-time), Edmonton being the Richest, Edmonton the most successful of late(except last years accident)

BC wins, current Grey cup Champs.
Between the 3.
Sask... their insane.
Calgary... I dunno

If BC continues their recent success on and off the field, I would have to say they are headed in the right direction. But the league is looking strong right now in all markets which is really the most important thing.

Don't forget that it was Calgary that made the Grey Cup the "Grand National Party" in 1948. The CFL may have become a viable concern but the Grey Cup definately wouldn't be what it is today without Calgary.