Flagship franchise in the CFL

The Province in BC says that the Lions are the CF:'s flagship franchise. Not sure about that, maybe in terms of the current Grey Cup champs I guess:

"What the new guy needs to know is that Ackles and coach and general manager Wally Buono are no Tom and Dick. They are the architects of the CFL's flagship franchise and 2006 Grey Cup holders."

[url=http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/sports/story.html?id=2f03751e-4c20-4647-9e40-f79620c023c8]http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/ ... 9620c023c8[/url]

a good way to sell tickets in B.C :thup: :cowboy:

I really dont think the CFL has a flagship franchise. There are teams that can make a good case, but then the Toronto media says the Argos are the flaghship franchise, and lets face it, if there were no team in Toronto, the CFL would get far less national exposure if a team did not exist there.

In terms of success on and off the field, you could make a case for the Edmonton Eskimos. They have won numerous Grey Cups and are a first rate and classy organization, top to bottom.

In terms of rabid fan support you could make a case for the Saskatchewan. They draw fairly well in opposing stadiums. A friend of mine from here went to Commonwealth to the store there, and the clerk told him that Rider gear outsells Eskimo gear. A lot of Rider Priders are spread throughout the country, so they tend to go to the games when the Riders are in their adopted city.

Those are only 3 examples , but if you took the time you could make a case for every team. Really all the teams could be considered equal, they all contributing to the new success the league is experiencing, so for any team or the media in that city to make that claim is just arrogance on their part.

Re-Really all the teams could be considered equal, they all contributing to the new success the league is experiencing,----------- Hold it This 'New 'success Can be Directly attributed to Bob Young Buying the Hamilton Tigercats- Even Ottawa folded and they had hosted a Grey Cup- So It has to be Hamilton -Oskee wee wee

hamilton…the team that never wins…oh so flagship :roll:

I hate the Eskies, but if the CFL had a flagship frandchise The Edmonton Eskimos would be them.

the eskies and argos have won the most championships...i dunno if that means anything tho....just a thought. and they also have had the most 'superstars' play for them...moon, flutie, r.williams, rocket, thiesman ( owned by gretzky and candy )...again, i dunno if that means anything.

I like what Sam said. All the teams could be considered flagships. Sure, Hamilton may be in a slump right now, but I was looking back through the history, and apparently Hamilton has won 7 Grey Cups since 1954.

Edmonton also stands out. They have 13 Grey Cups since 1954, and they had a 35 year streak of making it to the playoffs that was just ended last season.

What???? It took you guys that long to figure out what we knew for decades??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

You are reading too much into that article.

The Lions where nearly dead out here back in 1990's under the Murray Pezzim regime. I beleive their season ticket base was around 6000 or 7000. One regular season game only drew 16,000 fans. Pretty embarassing! I think what the writter was trying to put across was that Braeley had a plan, put Ackles in place, who hired Buono, and now they are successful both on and off the field.

I wouldn't read anything more into it than that.

Captain Sportsmen

of The Good ship ...er flag ship Lion!

drummer i dont think ''famous players'' make a flagship franhcise..i belive it is the team with best attendance, and the team that contributes the most revenue..

All I know is that defining the "flagship" franchise of a league by whomever is the current champions seems pretty silly. You'd have a new "flagship" franchise almost every year. To me, flagship franchise is defined more by long term success, on and off the field. Total championships is a measure of that, as is long term attendance and financial stability.

maybe the ottawa renegades are the flagship??..haha

Not yet. :wink:

If McMor... I'm sorry, Monsieur Barons.. has his way, I bet that "roving team" will be the flagship franchise. :roll: Almost makes one yearn for expansion to Alaska so we can have one concise locale instead of the "expansion locale du semaine."

Every Current CFL team except Calgary can be considered the Flag Ship team.

BC/Montreal: for their current Success and Montreal for their plans to expand to 35K to possible have the best Revenue of all CFL teams.
Eskimos: Constant money makers.

Edmonton/Sask/WPG: for Keeping the other teams alive when they had Owner Issues.

Sask-Fan Support

WPG/HAM - Top in Grey Cups, several of the best all time games(Fog Bowl)

TO: only for the City their in(so called needed market)

I can't think of a reason for Calgary right now or for Ottawa since they have folded twice.

re-I can't think of a reason for Calgary right now or for Ottawa since they have folded twice.
--------- PaoPao played for Calgary and they didn't fold, :wink: --- Arg,s are CFL American flagship team, (should move them to L.A!

Typo error, you mean SUNKEN SHIP!

If being the flagship team means the most important team to the league you have to go with Toronto. No Toronto and the league would go downhill for TV contracts and sponsorships IMO.

I disagree , Toronto is not the most important team in the league. I would say that all teams are important, if any one them folds, it could be curtains for the league. They may be able to play with 6 teams, but highly unlikely.

PaoPao played for Calgary! Thats funny he never played for the Stamps must of been a dream! :lol: :lol: