Hello all,

So pretend for a moment that you are a stadium security guard. A fan decked out in home team gear arrives at the gate. He has a beer in one hand and a banner in the other. The 3x5 banner is attached to a flagpole.

The flagpole catches your eye. You notice that it is the telescoping kind, and as far as anyone can tell, it is made of aluminum. It is some kind of extendable broom handle that can be purchased at any Rona or Home Depot.

Do you confiscate the flagpole as being a "potential weapon" or let the fan bring it in?

If you would have confiscated it, please suggest an alternate matierial for a flagpole that would be acceptable to security.

So are you saying the flag pole could be used as a weapon or are you saying some terrorist/McGiver has made a hidden gun inside the flagpole and plans on spining 360s at centre field.

I meant that the thing is made of aluminum, so taking a whack on the head with it would probably hurt.

...people bring those items into McMahon all the time...maybe it's not the pole itself but moreso the person holding the apparatus...remember, team flags on telescopic aluminum poles don't kill, people kill (with their flags on telescopic aluminum poles)...

The funny thing about Edmonton's flag policy, is that flags aren't supposed to be mounted on wooden dowels, but yet the flag i bought about 3 or 4 years ago came mounted on a dowel. Its a small flag though, I haven't been bothered about it.

The beer in hand would get you in trouble... possibly denied entry...

But there area always tonnes of flags mounted on the extendible golf ball retrievers in Taylor Field. Personally, I think it's great.

Usually on Labour Day some bomber fans do the same thing... However, I don't think there will be as many of them here this year as in past years... I'm betting that it was almost entirely rider fans that forced a Labour Day Sellout in 17 mins.

flagpoles and tadpole and meatheads galore.
have no point, just trying to explore.

Plus by Labour Day the Bomber bandwagon will be down to about 3.....

Extendable flags should be no problem, the beer will get you kciked to curb real quick, at least at BC Place.

Never happened to me, but I suppose it would suck to be stuck behind a guy waving one of those things. Column A you might get bashed in the head, Column B you miss half the game because some guy is waving a huge flag in front of you.

They only raise them after a touchdown or field goal at Taylor Field... never during a play.

hahaha oops, i didn't even realize that about the beer, I just put it in for style.

I just got off the phone with the Rogers Centre people, they say "ABSOLUTELY NO FLAG POLES ALLOWED, REGARDLESS OF MATERIAL"

Now what is up with that ? I see people waving flags around at the game all the time. Is the rule the same at other stadiums, but just not enforced, or are the Rogers Centre guys just big ?