Ok, so twice now I've had my flags taken away from me. Once in Edmonton and once tonight at the new field. After arguing with the security guard as to why I couldn't have it, all he offered was that i could hit someone with it. I mean really if you think about it, any fan item could be a weapon. I saw a multitude of fan stuff that could be used to seriously injure someone. The other part of my problem is that I saw MANY other flags being waved around. WTF? is it just me that isn't allowed to have one maybe? I asked several security guards after what kind of pole I could use and NONE of them could offer me anything helpful. One told me that it's what they decide, so I'll have to gamble and hope its ok with whoever is there. I took my flag to BC Place ALL the time and NEVER had a problem. Is there a list some were of what is acceptable and what is not? Were can I call and find out officially what I can and cannot use so I don't waste 20$ more to hope that the gate guard will let me. I JUST WANT TO WAVE MY FLAG!


Security at best there is inconsistant. Twice I've brought my flag in and I'm sure you saw others who had them. Some people are hardasses about it, some don't care. I would email the BC Lions about it, they're usually pretty good if a ticketholder has an issue.

Yesterday there was a rider fan waving a flag and it was skimming peoples heads and actually angered a few people that said something to him. What does this guy do? follows the tradition of the cavemen who throw beers at teams and intentionally breezes his flag past the peoples heads over and over. Unfortunately its idiots like this particular group of riders fans that ruins it for others, go complain to them. Another thing, the new stadium doesnt have as good of sight lines and a flag gets annoying to those who paid to watch, that might be part of the reason. Maybe someone complained about your flag for some reason, maybe thats why you were singled out.