Flag on the play

I think, with the NHL, the referees call the game the way the league, the owners, and to some extent, the players want it called.

Charging and boarding are now “hits” and cross-checking is just a standard practice in the defensive zone. Watch an IIHF game, or an Olympic game and you don’t see the gooning and pointless scrums after every play. Put your stick above your shoulder, contact a player, and you’re gone. Encroach on the crease and the play is dead.

IMO the CFL officials are head and shoulders above the NHL. I’d give them an 8, and I’m a paranoid Tiger-Cat fan when it comes to the officials.

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That’s fine but as in all sports. Call it anyway you want but call it equal for both teams


Bottom line is that ther efs are playing a bigger part of the game than ever before.....we have to try and get that out of the outcome.

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Or play the game the way the refs are calling it. Part of the game strategy should be knowing the officials.

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That feeds their godness…the players should just be able to play the way they always do, regardless of who is officiaiting.

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Well, as someone said years ago, the fans don’t pay $200 a seat to watch the referees make calls. The pay to see the players play.

But, shouldn’t the league protect their stars? Shouldn’t “let them play” mean being allowed to play within the rules, and shouldn’t those rules be the same in the third period, and overtime, as in the first?

Game management is a real thing.

It was taught to me as a young ref pup at age 12.

Game management is likely the biggest point of teaching young refs, beyond the rules of the game.

By the time they start reffing AAA, it is engrained.

It is taught for a reason (and at a very young age).

think of it like a cops discretion. A 15 km over the posted speed limit may not be always considered … but in a school zone it’ll probably be ticketed every time. Similarly, a slashing or cross checking penalty may be called in the first period, but not the third, and never in overtime.


Cops have it. Refs have it.

Don’t like it? They have to change how they teach young refs. There is a whole section on game management in a refs training manual. They get tested on it. And when the refs get graded (yes, they get tested), the biggest grade comes from game management.


Maybe but when a star gets a stick to the face and takes him out of the game for a prolonged period of time it would seem to me the remedy would be to enforce a penalty even in overtime

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or maybe they should play with sponge sticks :1st_place_medal:

CFL officiating is the least frustrating out of any sport I watch and know the rules of
(CFL, NFL, NHL, NBA, international soccer). I’ll give the CFL officiating an 8.5

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After reading some of these responses, I’m changing my 5.5 to a 6.75.
It’s not an easy job, especially with all the movement in the CFL. I think that video review and coach challenges are a good thing as well.


Yes usually it is Very tough for us Leafs fans to cheer for the Habs. But this year they are such a great underdog story it is hard not to cheer for them.

Plus I will always be a fan of Carey Price - who has been incredible these playoffs - ever since he was the MVP of the AHL playoffs in 2007 when the Hamilton Bulldogs won the Calder Cup.

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I agree. All penalties should be called regardless of when they occur. If, however, a ref keeps his whistle in his pocket in overtime, it should be for both teams equally.
What happened on Friday night certainly wasn’t the case. A blatant high-stick that causes bleeding right in front of the ref HAS to be called regardless.
Something fishy was going on here.

I thought it was a class act when the CN Tower was lit with Hab colours.
I will always go for any Canadian team that is the last one standing.

Be nice Grover....I can see it coming.

In 2011, very few if any that were East of the Rockies and south of the 49th parallel were pulling for Vancouver Canucks over Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final! That was the last Canadian team to make it to the final

None of them were Habs fans. We do not like them. At all. Ever. They are born of the devil. Boston is our sworn enemy till the end of time. If there is a hell and I end up there, it will be an eternity at the Boston Garden wearing a Chris Nilan Jersey as prohibition is re-instated.

Well, Habs Asst Coach Alex Burroughs played a huge part in that Stanley Cup run, playing on the wing of the Sedin brothers line!

I like the’Nucks. The old jerseys are my all time favs. Saw a game there in ‘89 vs The Habs. Beautiful city.

which old jerseys ?