Flag on the play

I watched game three of the Habs- Knights game last night. It was possibly the worst, one-sided refereeing I’ve ever seen. I was left dumbfounded by it.
The only other time I’ve seen this level of incompetence is in the occasional CFL game. This is my biggest gripe about our beloved league. Sometimes those men in black and white leave me yelling at the tv or scratching my head.
That said, I do realize the difficulty and utter thanklessness of their job. On scale of 1-10, rank the quality of officiating in the CFL.
I give it a 5.5

I’m running out of ideas here. In six weeks we’ll talk power rankings.

I would give our Officials a 7.5

That missed high stick in OT was terrible though they could’ve just been trying to let them play

You are a generous man who probably doesn’t yell at his television.

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I don’t watch hockey or know enough about it to know if it is true but I have heard that the one sidedness always seems to go favour the American team

But are you a habs fan Paul? Because all the habs haters I know would say we are biased complainers

Seriously, One that I know argued with me that the hit on the Mtl player was an accident but the Mtl hit that injured the Toronto player was deliberate

It was the whole game. There’s a lot of talk about it, even from Hab-haters.

Yes, I’m a fan. But I don’t whine about refs. Last night was disgraceful.

I can relate to the CFL officials as l am one at the amateur level myself.


I believe you…MY point was more about habs haters who would say that yesterdays game was perfectly fair At least the ones I know…I should ask

I have huge respect for referees, especially in football which seems to me to be more difficult than other sports.

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You should. Even the haters are saying how bad it was. Bruins fans.

Was just texting someone who said even Toronto fans are complaining


It is what Toronto fans excel at! :rofl:

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Your point on the American teams getting preferential treatment is a talking point today…I’m not convinced about that.

They’re ok. I think many of them want the cup back home in Canada.

Like I said I dont watch so I don’t know, its what I am told…but I have little problem believing it

IN favour of Montreal?

I think he means in general.

Yeah I understand that but its not often that leaf fans will support the habs in anyway