Flag everything or flag nothing.

f you can see the replay of the game note all of the missed penalties like holding but because it was a critical point in the game the refs eyeballs are everywhere,so a double standard by the refs again destroys a Hamilton win,so pathetic it was. :cowboy:

uh huh

All he is saying is that there is a lack of consistency.

Many penalty calls are blatant and many calls are based on judgement. In the case of the Tank Reid penalty, the official
was duped clean out of his jock since the Stampeder player who supposedly was clipped, now admits he took a dive.

Poor judgement on the part of the official.

Even without the phoney clip occurrence, it didn't look like it necessitated a flag, since it wasn't a true block. If you review
the replay, you'll see that Reid simply gave the Stampeder a shove with one arm.

Conclusion: Was it a penalty?
I suppose so.

Should it have been called?
I don't think so.

On multiple occasions during any game, there are far worse offenses than this one that are ignored.
Some of those occurred in this game and WERE IGNORED.


Ken Welsh - CHCH

The Calgary player McCartney said when he felt the push in the back he went 'down easily'. (It was still a push in the back and falling to the ground does not make it a penalty - the push in the back is the penalty whether the guy goes down or not.

The Calgary player is also quoted as saying this after the play in a Calgary Sun article.

Stamps special-teams ace Karl McCartney drew the flag, although there may have been multiple infractions on the play.

“A number of guys came off the field and told me they got blocked in the back, so no one knew (who the flag was on),? McCartney said.

Many of us have spotted some of those that the officials missed in watching the video and capturing still images from it - so IMO the most obvious one that got caught with perhaps some help by some embellishment by McCartney - it was still a penalty.

If we want to do what the NHL does - fine make the call on the infraction and then flag the guy for unsportsmanlike for embellishing. Still would have resulted in the ball being back at the 20 - 25 yard line with us down by 4 with 35 seconds left.