Fixing the crossover...

Thanks to the crossover, the Roughies are in the playoffs and the Gades are not. This is a good thing.

Unfortunately, the Roughies are in the EAST, a legitimately weaker side of the playoff bracket. While anything can happen on Grey Cup day, it seems unfair that the Lions, Eskies, and Stamps have to play eachother while the Roughies backed into an easier playoff.

Here's what's the same:

  1. Eastern and Western Champions still recieve first round byes and homefield advantage.
  2. Eastern and Western runner-ups still recieve first round home games.
  3. Two "wild cards" still are invited to the playoffs.

Here's what's different:
4. Playoffs are seeded over the entire league now, with winners taking 1 and 2 spots, runner-ups taking 3 and 4 spots, and 5 and 6 going to the wild cards.
5. Like in the NFL and NHL, there is no solid bracket until the semi-finals - highest seed plays lowest seed.
6. This means that the playoffs you play are the playoffs that you earned.

Assuming rankings stay the way they are now, this would be the playoff schedule:

(6)SSK @ (3)EDM
(5)CAL @ (4)MTL

Edmonton would play Toronto in the semi-finals if they won, Saskatchewan would play B.C. if they won. The winner of the CAL-MTL game would play whoever the other winner doesn't.

Anyways, that just makes the most sense to me.

that's great, but it would break the whole division thing in the Playoffs and that would tick off traditionalist even more. Sask is playing a team that is much stronger than they are, and they are in an atmosphere of Eastern fans crying out for their lose. Based on this, the Riders have a much greater chage to lose in the East than West. It's not an environment the I'd like my team to be in, but I'd still like them to get in to the GC.

If the CO was done your way, steve, I believe that an All West or All East GC would be more likely.

.......I agree it makes more sense than the current east vs. west type scenario.....but there will be those that say an all-west or all-east GC will have only 50% veiwership and the bean-counters at the various sponsor levels won't put up with that.......I personally don't think it's true and I'm sure many of us would be as intersted in seeing a Montreal Toronto GC as we would an Edmonton Calgary GC, but then again we're all die-hards......

Anyone watching the sport will watch regardless of who is in the Grey Cup.

Yeah...viewership really isn't an issue with football.

Honestly, I don't think that the Super Bowl is any less watched because there are two East Coast teams in it almost every year.

Baseball has this problem, and basketball and hockey would as well - but those are best-of-7 series. Football is football, and people will watch the final regardless of WHERE the team is from.

The Yankees-Red Sox battles always got the best viewership in MLB because they WERE rivalries and they were the best two teams in baseball. The World Series is sort of an afterthought for non-fans of those two teams.

For you to say that a GC would only get 50% viewership is hogwash - regardless of how they get there, a GC is only going to get 22% viewership, plus football fans. I'm not suddenly going to watch Edmonton-Toronto if I'm from Manitoba.

The traditionalists should be ticked off at the even schedule first. The crossover is sort of a 'halfway house' for true representation in the playoffs...I say either fix the crossover and keep the league-wide schedule, or axe the crossover and focus on divisions.

I'm sorry Steve, but I see nothing wrong with the CO and I think it's a fair balance between the traditional East Vs. West and the radical All East-West GC.

I think it should be expanded to included more than just fourth place if, for example, a season like 1981 should ever happen again, more than just one team should cross.

The problem is that this year, it’s highly likely that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd or 4th placed teams will be in the West playoffs, and the 3rd/4th, 5th, and 6th placed teams are in the East. It makes for a terrible GC - whatever any “traditionalist” says, we don’t want the final game to be a blowout.

However, I don’t think that you should have more than one team crossover…that means that the West’s #2 is assured of playoff entry, while the East’s is not.

At the very least, I’d rather see Calgary or Edmonton (whoever is 3rd) cross over as a reward for playing better than 6th placed Saskatchewan - the East is obviously weaker this year. That can change a lot depending on the rest of the teams in the division - the only sure way to get rid of that problem is the proposal I gave at the top.

1981 Final Standings:

Western Division GP W L T PF PA Pts
Edmonton Eskimos 16 14 1 1 576 277 29
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 16 11 5 0 517 299 22
British Columbia Lions 16 10 6 0 438 377 20
Saskatchewan Roughriders 16 9 7 0 431 371 18
Calgary Stampeders 16 6 10 0 306 367 12

Eastern Division GP W L T PF PA Pts
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 16 11 4 1 414 335 23
Ottawa Rough Riders 16 5 11 0 306 446 10
Montreal Alouettes 16 3 13 0 267 518 6
Toronto Argonauts 16 2 14 0 241 506 4

if that sould ever happen again, the playoffs should look like this:


Edmonton: Division Winner Bye

Semi: BC at Wpg


Hamilton: Division Winner Bye

Semi: Cal at Ssk

Steve-O, I take insult in seeing you call the East "the weaker side". The weak links are now out of the playoffs, and I'd like to see any (that's right... ANY) of the western contenders try (I said TRY) to get to the Grey Cup game by going throught the East.

Get to know your football first, and we'll discuss you tiny ideas later.

Wow, lots of anger from T&T. Although I do think the East is weaker as a whole this year, I don't think that Montreal or Toronto are so much weaker that Sask will make it through, both are still better teams.. so I don't see a problem... and if it did ever happen, which is unlikely.. then who cares anyway, it'd be a once in a lifetime event which you could tell your grandkids about.



Edmonton can't beat Toronto or Montreal?
What about the Lions?
Are you sure you want to make that statement 3rd-n-10? Look at the full league standings (and mind you, the SCHEDULE for each team is 2 games against everyone - it's representative of the entire league, not just divisions).
Don't discount my arguments based on team or regional allegiance.

This isn't a tiny detail - the teams ranked 1st, 2nd, and 4th will be playing off for one GC spot, while the teams ranked 3rd, 5th, and 6th will be playing off for the other. I don't see how that's fair with the full-league schedule that we're using now.

Sorry for the 2x post...

The issue is that Calgary, probably the 4th-best team in the league, will have to play Edmonton and BC in order to make the GC, 1st and 2nd in the league. Saskatchewan will have to play Toronto and Montreal, 3rd and 5th in the league, and they're a lower seeded team than Calgary.

3nd's right, a team from the East also has a good chace to upset the West and be in the GC on the WEST SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ture, but Ssk has to deal with hossitle crowds demandn for their booldy every step of the way, even in the GC. Do you wanna make it to the GC with that? I don't think so!

Sorry, mate, but without my support, this idea is doomed to fail.

I think that when the East is referred to as "weaker", it's in regards to the lower teams. Basically it comes down to the whole premise of the crossover, is the 4th place team in one division better than the 3rd place team in the other?

I honestly don't think that the Riders have much of a chance in the East semi, but they did play "better" than Ottawa did this year. I'm sure that whichever division is accepting the crossover would be referred to as the "weaker" one in the future as well. It just happens that it's been west to east since it came in, due to the unbalanced league.

I still think the crossover is good because it makes the teams fight harder for playoff spots league-wide, instead of an eastern team just having to be better than one other team in the division to get in.

I say leave it like it is and get rid of the crossover. Ya didnt make the playoffs this years? Try harder next year?
In many sports teams with weaker records make the playoffs while stornger teams dont.
Live with it and stop complaining.

oh Ro, what I'm I going to do with you, don't you see??? the CO is the best thing to ever happen to this league, makes it unique among leagues.

The majority of fans probably like the crossover format. Afterall, stronger teams are more deserving to be in the playoffs regardless of geography.

I agree that the eastern division is obviously weaker than the west overall for the regular season. Since Toronto or Montreal has extra games against weak Hamilton and Ottawa, their points may be slightly inflated. However there are no weak teams in the playoffs.

No matter what stadium visits in the play-offs they have to deal with 'hostile' crowds. If Saskatchewan would have finished 3rd in the west, the crowd in Edmonton or B.C. would be just as 'hostile' as going to Montreal.

No the crossover allows whiners to get their way. It has nothing to do with being unique.

Hey maybe the players can wear their underwear over their pants.
Wouldn't that be unique

Yeah, but a CO eam has to deal with an even more hositle crowd, with that Divisions fans and tradisionaist screaming for the home teams victory as well as the home teams fans. you see what I mean.