The league and TSN are doing everything possible to bring the Argos along. I'm calling shenanigans!

Not that it matters but Owens TD ball didnt touch the goaline nevermind break it

does that mean that they are going to do everything possible to make sure the ticats lose tomorrow?? :roll:

I think it's fixed if a swath of cuts don't hit Ottawa next year. Seriously, most of the DBs just look tired.

The only thing fixed is the kickoff time. The rest is just incompetence!!!

They call it operation ‘Argo Bounce’ :roll:

If there was any truth to this at all i would be very ashamed of this league and would almost definitely end my support of it


This perennial silliness about how the CFL, the media, the refs, the fans of other teams, the weather, and God knows who else are all conspiring to cheat in order to help the Argos, while preventing the Ticats from winning and keeping our young, mediocre team from achieving the championship to which the advocates appear to insist we are entitled, is so ridiculous it's almost comical.

I hope we play well today and win the game. If all goes well, we'll be 9-9 and in the playoffs. But we'll have little reason to boast about our excellence and the inevitability of our march to the Grey Cup absent more imagined robbery. If we're 8-10 we probably don't deserve to be there anyway.

The only "fix" needed is for our coaches to adapt and adjust to game actions...there is no tomorrow if we lose so the words "blitz" and relentless "pressure" is Montreal's face for 60 minutes...if their quarterback is on his back they won't score...throw out the zone and never play the prevent...I hope they have learned this by now. On offense the quick release is the answer, but be ready with half-a-dozen game plans to counter anything new! Oh yeah...try to keep the penalties down??? A true armchair coach! Good luck fellow fans...cheers

If anything the league and TSN should want to have the 2 Eastern playoff games be played in front on sold out crowds, instead of having one played in front of dozens of fans in that tomb in toronto next week.

:thup: :thup:

Garney: And with all due respect, I'm calling what you wrote "nonsense". And that's just your first sentence. I have no idea what you mean by "shenanigans."
All I know is that Ottawa was lucky they did not lose by a far bigger margin. It was a "bad Henry" day that helped the Blue team win...and nothing else.

Apparently not.

And poor Milanovich was busy putting together game plans against BC and the Riders last night :roll:

All that work for NOTHING!!!! :smiley: :lol: