fix the ticat home uniforms

black home jersey improvments, IMO:

less yellow.
they look like bees out there.

the thick yellow v-neck has got to go. should be black v-neck with MAYBE very thin yellow trim, IF there HAS to be yellow in the neck.

also, the thick yellow stripes that run under the arms down the sides of the jersey should go or again, be alot thinner.

and the yellow pants need to lose that crappy tiger-tail thing goin on.
in the ticats training camp, they wear nice yellow pants with black and white stripes down the sides of the leg...use those.

as u can tell im bored, but i do think the changes i suggested would make the cats look better....and maybe play better too, who

I don't care if they wear old Rolling Stone concert tour T-shirts, hockey helmets and Hawaii shorts and long johns

just win!

and soon!

--frig!! --

for home: all black. all the time.
on the road: mix, match the other two. i'm not picky.
but i do want all-black unis at ivor wynne. every game. no exceptions.
i understand we play a retro game this year; i got one of those jerseys; not the ones from the 60s but the style from the 80s, with the basic black, white outside-lower shoulders and then alternating stripes down the sleeves. they were bitchin'.
we always have had the best uniform in pro football — more often, these days, we look much, much better than we can actually play.

I love the 80s style home jerseys with the white sleaves and alternating stripes under the logo.

I don't mind the thick yellow stripe down the sides of the current jerseys, but I don't care for the way the yellow trim looks at the bottom of the sleeves currently. Also, I would be quite happy if the "gold" 3rd jerseys were never seen again.

tell that to the players when it's 38 degrees with the humidex in july.

all black is tedious...

and about as original as most of our play calling the last few years...

the difference to the player is negligible. it's no biggie.

as far as the unis go,take your issues up with reebok. they're the ones who spear-headed the campaign to make each team change their uniforms when they signed this deal 3-4 years ago. keeping in mind, each team did have enough say in the end result and it's unfortunate that the powers that were at the time(christopher dean,adam provost,no longer with the club) decided to mess with the tradition that is the hamilton tiger-cats,by re-creating the classic tiger-but that's a whole other can of worms for another day. i thought the majority of people wanted yellow pants a couple years ago? i realize this is just one person who is bored but...let's be honest, when people think of the hamilton tiger-cats, they think black jerseys, yellow freakin far as the jersey goes,you're being way too picky on the yellow collar-you're obviously minutes away from re-sorting your underwear drawer.the yellow stripe down the side can be either a pinstripe ala argos, all black-in which case the uniform would then not flow from jersey to pant,or it can flow-as it does now. back to the re-branding of the unis. look at the esks. from their uniform pre-reebok they made one simple change- a pinstripe across the shoulders and they were adamant about not going away from eskimo tradition. i guess that's the difference in being the flagship franchise and being...well being hamilton.

by the way, it's a two-year turnaround to change your uniform.

city legend

I love the new unis, and all the various combinations of pants and jerseys.

I just wish they could reduce the clutter effect created by having ads on both shoulders. Maybe tone them down a bit by having them in the team colours, but I understand that any advertisment is supposed to stand out.

Personally, I think we have the best uniforms in the CFL. Nothing needs to be changed.

As for the logo, it was Bob Young who spearheaded the change in the logo and I think it looks great and more refined than the cluttered look of the old one.

I don't if wear pink Tutus as Long as we win..

Folks should keep in mind that there will be a retro uniform for all CFL teams in keeping with the Winnipeg-Toronto retro series of last year. I recall Mark Cohon during the pre-game build-up to the 2008 Retro Week indicating that there may be a league-wide retro week in the works in future years. Time will tell when these uniforms will be available throughout the league.

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I would like to see more stripes on the uniform regardless of all the other muckety-muck Reebok et al put on the jersey. As for the Tony The Tiger logo now, it does look better on a black helmet IMHO than the old one did, but I still prefer the gold helmets over the North Pittsburgh Steelers ripoffs circa 1986. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Just finished sorting my sock drawer when I read this thread.

Drummer, I totally agree with you that from a design persepective the yellow collar is out of proportion with the rest of the jersey. I suspect that the collar is a standard size on all Reebok jerseys and the decision was to go black or contrast yellow. Bad move. The yellow piping is also an unnecessary distraction. I'd suggest losing the piping, make the collar black, and add one more yellow stripe to each arm.

Citylegend -- totally with you: "black jerseys, yellow freakin pants"!

As for the retro jersey, I'd buy a 1958-1962 home jersey in a heartbeat. That is, if a 1912 Alerts jersey isn't offered first.

I'd actually prefer to see a return to the early nineties home jersey. (ie white sleeve on the black jersey)

A simple inverse of the road jersey would be good enough for me.

As much as I dislike the new logo (I have the classic logo on my licence plate), it does look better on the helmets than the old logo.

As for the uniform my vote is for the 70's/80's uniform, though I love the old black/yellow stiped sweaters with the big yellow H on the front, probably not doable with the modern jerseys requiring numbers on the front as well as the back.

I like this idea too. Heres a look at the current home jersey with a few colour tweaks to make it look more like the early 90s home jersey:

Hey, safetyblitz great job on touching up that photo. Terrific detail on the shading of the white sleeves and yellow numbers! Pretty impressive,

I still prefer the current uni, though. Reebok did a great job!

That jersey looks awful, what we have now is perfect.

Our uniforms are perfect. I like that we can go either black jersey’s with yellow pants or vice versa. You need to have some contrast all black is played out!

that photo just showed me, i was correct in sayin they need to lose the yellow v-neck.