Fix the League

Hey - we all know the challenges.....can't draw flies in TO, Vancouver and Montreal. Another lost generation of kids fading away from the league, concussions keeping kids out the game at the grass roots, stale TV production, etc.....
I'm not arguing the on field product.....CFL has a way stronger entertainment value than the 'other' league but what can we do to engage another generation to endear them to this great game?

First solution - new commissioner - check. They got the right guy.

Next - get a CFL re-brand effort from TSN. Friday Night Football needs to be 'hammered' again like the mid 90's. The marketing of that brand, FNF, has waned significantly. Part of that re-brand needs a social media content to engage the 18-34's - half time tweets of the game segment, ask the panel segment, challenge the coach's challenge segment, etc.....all through social media incented with sponsor prizes. There's so much more we can do and our fans on TV and streaming can BE part of the game/event.

The big cities - get out into the communities and PROMOTE your stars. Put a FACE on your franchise. Visit schools in June with balls, tickets and jersey prizes. Grass roots - promote off season coaches clinics with entry level kid's leagues. Football camps with local players. A Canadian quarterback on every roster. Negotiate transit incentives for game day ticket holders with the city. Teams DO pay taxes to their city. AND tailgating - plan for it, encourage it, feed on it. The pregame event outside the stadium can be a massive draw by itself.

Adult tickets come with $5 kids tickets. Get this generation excited for the event.
I can keep going but if you, dear readers, keep fueling this thread with ideas and suggestions eventually something might stick with the league. It's a great game and we need to make it relevant again.

Guy you hit the head/nail right on. First NHL pulled/closed seats to make a sell out.
Not saying Senators. Keep prices high. Build small stadium for the well to do. But we use to pay .10 cents for a bus ride to a game and 25 cents for a ticket. Hot dog and pop 25 cents and behold we were hooked on CFL.
Time to get back to grass roots.

Something I liked on the Rider road swing was the practice at parliament hill, but even bigger was showing up to a HS and working out a school team. The coaches there were over the moon because they learned piles and you know kids were pumped. Something like that goes miles.

Jeez! 204 views and two replies? How engaged are we as fans to preserve this great game? This thread could be a gold mine for the commissioner. You've got ideas - just need to post them. We can make a difference!

They've been posted over and over and fallen on deaf ears. The league doesn't care about your ideas.

The new commish says he is and he should at least be given the opportunity to live up to his words. When the 2018 season starts exactly as the 2017 season ends then we can say they still don't care.

Ambroise said he would take the season to get to know the nuts and bolts of each team's personnel front office, sales and marketing and so on before giving his detailed vision to the board.

Coming in guns a blazing is never effectivebut allot depends on the board on moving forward. Massive upgrade over Orridge but that bar was pretty low...I would take my back out going under it!

That bar was buried 6 feet under ground. Orridge was the worst commish in decades. Ambrosie is like a new gaming system; looks pretty and has all the feature you want buit how well will it function once you put a game in it. Orridge was like a calculator without a battery.

I like how a lot more footballs end up in the stands, either from missed field goals or td celebrations. I'm not sure if the netting behind the goalposts is gone in all the stadiums. I hope the ball goes to a kid who gets some buddies out on the field!

Good post. Kids love football games; remembering the late sixties at Safeway was the kids zone cheap ticket day. Sat on the grass incline behind the north end zone in the corner. After the game the best thing ever was being on the field at the end of the game at Empire Stadium. Wow, being beside Jack Abendschan getting autograph was huge feeling man.

Yeah, who would want an autograph of a place kicker lineman. ? They just don’t those players anymore hey? Good stuff, I think all teams should go to high schools in other cities when they are on road games to, that’s a damn good idea.

They definitely need to go back to the cheap seats to get the kids going. The rider end zone was always packed back in the 60’s the rider rookie section . Every stadium should do this again if they are not now.

Few people ask me about why an OL/K autograph? - Abendschan/others were in on a lot of running plays opening doors for George Reed to bolt through.

The Argos have 2 upper deck sections that are 20 and the south end zone is 30.Last I checked they weren't packing them in. Cheap tickets only sell if people are looking for tickets. The Argos, among others, need to find a way to get people wanting tickets before they start worrying about cheap seats.

I was thinking more like $ 5. For kids under 12, I think we used to pay 50 cents for the rookie section in 1965, but of course their parents would have to take them, that could be a problem

Yes I watch jack kick lots of field goals, I remember sitting in the end zone in 1970 watching Robinson kick the winning field goal in a blizzard on the last play of the game . We were sitting right in the end zone , 30 yarder into a blizzard , Calgary won. But we won lots on jack foot to.

I stand by my point that it won't change a thing. They need to get people interested in going to a game before they try and sell them a ticket. Be like trying to sell a parka to a Floridian. Don't care how good it is or how cheap if the person has no interest they aren't buying. Create the interest first.

I'm not so sure that good pricing won't bring people out. As bad as Argos attendance has been the 2 biggest crowds had the 2 for 19.97 Flutie promo and the 15.00 CNE promo and they both had only a 2 week window and sold fast.

They can't give them away but entry level price points are a good way to expose them to the product in addition to a good game day experience. Granted it's only one strategy.

And did attendance stay up or grow after these miracle measures? No, they dropped right back to normal.

Thank you for proving my point. Cheap tickets do not fill a stadium nor do they keep people coming. I don't know how to say it any more clearly, if you don't interest people in your product they won't buy it at any price. Discounted tickets are not the answer, never have been and will only lead to financial trouble.

They need to create the market first or there is no one to sell tickets to.

Well considering they only offered those deals for 2 games, why would anyone expect the attendance levels to stay at the same levels?

Actually the average attendance for the last 2 games without the promos were higher than the last 2 compared to the season prior.

I will agree low priced tickets can't be the only thing to bring the crowds back.

In terms of how to keep people coming back? There really isn't one answer. To me it starts with servicing existing customers and corporate accounts well. With the Argos this was lacking for the longest time with the Braley years and the Grey Cup fiasco last year. It's much better this year but still a ways to go.