Fix the Grey Cup Once & For All

Was just watching the wonderful re-broadcast of the bombers arriving back to Winnipeg to be greeted by hundreds of cheering fans.
This should’ve been a wonderful statement for how important a Grey Cup victory should be for each city lucky enough to win the game.

However an event occurred which marred this otherwise wonderful celebration. For what seemed to be for the upteenth time and what has sadly become a yearly ritual, The Grey Cup itself had come apart into 2 pieces.

The league was supposed to ensure that such things would not happen again, but here we are again.

The time is come for the league to ensure that the original trophy does not come detached from the lower base

So evidently Randy Ambrosie can’t even screw/glue an old trophy together. And here we were all led to believe that he was a handyman par excellence. For shame!


Only in Canada, lol

Breaking the cup is now part of the lore. Just shows the sheer strengh of the players here. Other leagues need to keep their trophies with small bases and no bowls to hide this. :smiley:

Bombers players are just partying hard and well earned. Lord Earl’s mug stands no chance against their passion.

…lol, ‘fix the grey cup’…I thought you meant the game…

The Ticats have never broken the Cup. Please, let us have it next year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fix the damn thing!

Just something more for non CFL fans to make fun of. Can the league get anything done right???

I REALLY like the idea of the huge belt as a prize for the teams and fans to manhandle. There’s nothing to break. The cup can still be awarded of course, but it’s the belt that would get passed around.

What, no one’s blaming Andrew Harris’s PED use for the broken cup yet?!

This is the real reason Steve Simmons lobbied against Harris being allowed in the championship.

Steve Simmons opinion isn’t worth the cyber space it occupies.

So the base broke off. The Cup itself is sturdy enough. The base is just an add on

Cheap piece of junk , it's no wonder the Cats didn't want to win it . ;D

According to TSN radio Hamilton is that the Cup is purposely built a certain way so it can come apart. The welder who is in Winnipeg that fixed the last 2 times did the job but its not meant to stay intact. why they chose this apparently is to protect the original engraving in the mound of the bottom of the top part.

It was fixed in time for the parade today but regardless, they need to fix that.

Do whatever you got to
Do. Fill
It in with cement. Attach more metal rods to the interior, redesign the base -anything so that this doesn’t happen any more

Remember this happened a few years ago to the Memorial Cup in Spokane. Some poor kid went to lift it and it came apart. The look on his was priceless.

I think it might be better to keep the base for display purposes only and let the actual cup be passed around in its original form.

This is the first break for the new base as it was the first time the Cup was presented with the new base.