Fix My Daddy's Knee (Article on Steven Marsh)

Eskimo's son asks God to perform a miracle
Fix my daddy's knee

CanWest News Service

Thursday, August 17, 2006

EDMONTON - Steven Marsh swallowed hard the other night when his fiancee passed on the contents of a conversation she overheard between their son and God.

Karee Marsh, 5, got down on his hands and knees at the foot of his bed and asked the Big Man to fix his daddy's knee so he can resume his football career with the Edmonton Eskimos.

"You can't imagine how much inspiration I get from him," the Eskimos defensive back said of Karee, who has already endured four heart surgeries after being born with two holes in his heart and a faulty valve. "I've never pushed sports on him, but he just loves football and baseball. All he wants to do is go out in the yard and throw the ball around."

Trouble is, his dad can hardly walk up stairs without excruciating stiffness and pain. Marsh, 26, was injured during last year's Grey Cup when his knee buckled underneath a pile of players. He underwent surgery on Dec. 9 before the swelling in his knee went down, but scar tissue has since built up and won't go away.

The Eskimos don't expect Marsh back any time soon, if ever. Next week, he'll be placed on the nine-game injured list for the second time this year -- a move that will formally end his 2006 CFL season.

"I'm not giving up, even if it seems dark ... I just want to get to the point where I can run around and play football again in the CFL. Or even in my front yard."
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:cry: In my opinion, the biggest lost of the Eskimos from last year. I hope he gets healthy.

heartwarming. Too bad this story ends with your team not making the playoffs.


That is quite possibly the funniest thing I have read in the year of 2006.


Sorta of a bad news good news thingy....bad news poor kid...good news Schmoes not making the playoffs...

.......Please God ......Dont let Hughy Fire Machokie.....I want the Riders to make the Playoffs!!!! :wink: