Five Year Plan

Right on Shedule? UPdates? Ideas? A word of encouragement from the Owner... Caretaker?

I don't think getting shutout was in the plan...

I think we need another 5....

Charlie Taff we need you now !!!

It’s going to take more than a coach. The entire front office, from Katz on down needs to be replaced. This experiment with inexperienced people and shared responsibilities has been an utter and complete failure. No point in hiring the coach before you have a proper football operation in place. Then you start the next 5 year plan.

Another 5, hell I think this team is turning into the Arizona Cardinals of the CFL, and as an Argo fans who hopes that this Argo/Ti-Cat rivalry gets better, it looks like the new Argos number 1 rivals is the Als, and that is sad!

think ill hold on to my money for another 5 years i sense spending it unwisely on terrible football.