Five Things to Know: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

As the 2022 season approaches, is getting you up to speed on where each team stands after a hectic off-season that saw players crisscross the country. Five Things To Know will catch you up on where your team left off in 2021, the moves it made and what it might accomplish in 2022. 

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Very good analysis. Agreed that the Bomber D is pretty much intact. Have capable replacements available for the loss of Richardson, Darby & Alford. However, the offence lost a lot. Oliveira's yds/gain is a full yard & more short of Harris' avg over 5 years in Winnipeg &, if you look past his two 100 yd games vs an Elk team who was horrible vs the run & a Hamilton team sans Laurent, he averaged 3.5 yds/carry in all his other contests - not good.

The receiving corps' top imports are the 33 yr old Ellingson, a very good #2 guy, Bailey, who has potential, & a soon to be 30 guy who hasn't played in 4 yrs & is coming off 2 major knee surgeries (Saunders). So a lot of ifs on receiver & RB IMO. Now, they may ALL turn out all right - fingers crossed.

Losing 7 of 24 starters on O & D, 8 of 25 if you include Castillo, is a lot. Expecting all of the new guys to replace the production lost from the departees is a big ask. If the Bombers threepeat they'll have earned it.


Not only is that "championship caliber defence" back and largely intact from last year, so is Richie Hall - he's back for his 7th season with the Bombers and he deserves a lot of the credit for our success. (I'll pause here and wait for the thunderous applause to die down).

Going through our talented coaching staff I noticed something curious:

Mike O'Shea HC (8th season), Marty Costello OLC (7th season) , Buck Pierce OC (8th season), James Stanley LBC (5th season), Jordan Younger DBC (5th season), Darrell Patterson DLC (2nd season), Paul Boudreau STC (6th season), Kevin Bourgoin RC (5th season)... WE HAVE NO DEDICATED RUNNING BACKS COACH.

I guessing that Buck Pierce handles the running backs in addition to his duties as Offensive Coordinator. He was in charge of running backs before he became OC in 2020 when Lapo left for Ottawa.

Then there's our crazy good management team consisting of Kyle Walters GM (8th season), Danny McManus AGM (8th season), Ted Goveia AGM (8th season), Darren Cameron PR (14th season), Matt Gulakow OPs (5th season).

We have Continuity Houston, (BEEP), Over... :smiley:


I could barely manage to hit the like button because I couldn’t stop applauding your post.

I would also suggest that the Bomber’s generational defence was so far and away the best in the league last year that to even make it close they would have to get a lot worse AND another defence would have to get a lot better. I don’t see them being much worse. They do have some questions on offense but they still have the best QB. Let’s also not forget that Harris didn’t play much for them last year so I don’t see a drop off happening. The Bomber running backs are essentially the same. I personally think Augustine will open a lot of eyes with increased playing time.


All true. All systems are go.

What I don't 'get' is why we're not opening against Hamilton for a Grey Cup rematch this year. Hamilton's looking good.

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Nic Demski is no slouch, (not mentioned yet), I look for him to have a big year.


I'm thinking that the league doesn't want you to embarrass yourself after we would undoubtable kick yer asses to open the season . :+1: :grinning: See ya in week # 3 ....Can't wait :grinning:

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One more handclap from me, Maaax.. Surprise. By the way, #2 looks good in blue & white - colour suits him. :sunglasses:

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To be seen and you can add Alexander.

Bombers have quite a bit of work to do.

800 yds

Sounds like Mike O'Shea has Ali Mourtada's back and that he is locked in as the kicker. Typically bizarre imo

What are they supposed to say? Last year O'Shea was confident Legghio was heir apparent to Medlock until he wasn't & Mourtada & Crapigna were brought in. The trio promptly landed in the bottom 4 in FG %, with only Yamasaki in BC for company. Inexplicably, the Lions traded the previous year's all-Star, Castillo, to the Bombers for a 4th round pick. Huh?? So, having lost Castillo this year & despite apparently beating the bushes for a kicker, they're pretty much back to Legghio & Mourtada. So they got Mourtada's back?? Sure. Better than saying we were jilted by Castillo wherein the truth lies IMO. Well, let's hope that works out for them. :rofl:

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They never really gave Legghio a chance to kick FG's. As it was it was Castillo that came to the rescue.

O'Shea will show how stubborn he can be until it costs a game.

Also feel this was a really good analysis by CFL reporters as was your well thought out comments but to go back a few years (notably 2015) do you recall how many Blue Bomber fans were all up in arms and ready to ship Walters and O'Shea out of town. Funny how there are many out there that just don't understand that you can have quality people in your organization and not always get the desired results. As a Blue Bomber fan, I feel so fortunate that we have such quality people leading our club. I certainly don't expect a three peat but I'm sure hoping for it :slight_smile:

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Yeah I remember feeling the frustration at Bomber games when things seemed to be progressing too slowly. There were lots of angry rants up in the stands directed at O'Shea (for being too non-chalant) and Richie Hall (for not being agressive enough). Even on the long walk back to our cars way on the other side of Pembina Highway I'd hear calls for someone's head.

It was a tedious journey those first four years with these new coaches and there wasn't much patience to go around during that time. I think Ottawa's success in 2016 just two years after their debut as an expansion team made everyone here expect too much.

You had me weeping at the end. All hail the Troika!

Could have had Marc Trestman. Seriously.

Bombers do not stray from their inner circle. Part of the Omerta clause.

We could've had Hufnagel instead of the 'Professor' too. After GM Cal Murphy's tenure our later GM's committed blunder after blunder until our governors stepped in and cleaned house. That reboot brought GM Kyle Walters here and FINALLY we found ourselves on the right track. No wonder the Bombers went so long between Cups.

This year they have a preseason to get rid of the yips. Let's see what happens.

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Leggio was 5 for 8 in FG's games 4, 5 & 6 last year. Went 4/4, then 1/3, & 0/1 in his 3 games

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Kyle Walters was a survivor and a benefactor of Joe Mack. Kyle and Mike are besties but Wade is the boss. It was a coup d'etat based on B.S..

Looking forward to how the season plays out and will be sure to keep my comments football related.

That & the kickers have better angles with the change in the hashmarks. Last season, pre-Castillo signing, some bloggers were saying kickers were easy, practically changed weekly in the NFL. If so, that argument indicates it's HARD to find good kickers, not easy because you keep good ones, no?

What I find problematic with the Bomber situation is where is the competition? For a team supposedly adept at finding DB's, why are there currently 27 DB's on the roster, a so called area of strength & only 1 punter beyond the 2 who weren't good last year?? Great to have faith in your kickers who you had to replace last year but are you afraid of offending them by bringing in some competition - seeing as how there are so many out there. Shouldn't you be bringing in a lot more competition for incumbents where there was a problem area, than overloading with players where there isn't a problem? I mean, really, how many of those 2 dozen plus DB's are going to stick around?

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