Five Things To Know: Toronto Argonauts

As the 2022 season approaches, is getting you up to speed on where each team stands after a hectic off-season that saw players crisscross the country. Five Things To Know will catch you up on where your team left off in 2021, the moves it made and what it might accomplish in 2022. 

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Have to say I like the Argos. even with adding 2 older guys in Harris & Banks. Added some other key players with Ambles & Lawrence on Offence, Davis, Metchie & Amos on Defence. Didn't lose much. Should be in the mix for top spot again. Face TiCats 4 times & that may decide who's tops.

Dinwiddie as HC and OC is too much at this point in his career imo. I am hoping Pete Costanza will help. Argos threw a lot of wide outs and struggled with first downs in 2021. Seemed like they were always second and 8 or more. MBT looks bad but Dinwiddie is calling the game.

Maybe Chad Kelly gets reps to attract more fans. Who knows in TO?

Well, if Harris is Harris for one more year that will help the 1st down situation. BUT I am very skeptical on Harris at this stage. Probably his last year - he no doubt wants the 360 odd yards to get to 10,000. We'll see how it pans out.

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If Andrew Harris stays injury free you'll get what you want out of him. The rest will be up to how Dinwiddie uses him. He's most dangerous when nobody's sure whether he's going to run, block or catch. He can do all three very well. The luxury for Macbeth will be having a second level relief valve on those plays when things go sideways.

Just keep him healthy (frequent oil checks, tire rotations) and he'll make the rest of the league miserable.

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With MacBeth as their #1 - the Argos are going nowhere.
He is - at best - and adequate backup. A starter = NOOOOO!!!!!
They had a jewel in Arbuckle last year and literally threw him away - that's when they lost me - such a STUPID move by a STUPID team.
And Dinwiddie's coaching is VERY questionable and weak at best.
So - NO games for me in 2022 - unless they move MacBeth.

At this point Arbuckle still has to prove himself. The biggest knock I have on Arbuckle is his tendency to fumble. He has to protect the ball better.

You're not going to any Argo games this year Nyronyro? Please reconsider. With you gone that's half the gate down the drain.


… Which is pretty sad considering how good he looked in CGY.
Tossing him around the league can’t be doing much for his confidence.

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