Five Things To Know: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Well Walker pretty much said it was the lack of QB talent that led to last years numbers. Hard to argue. This year will tell the tale.

That might have as much to do with scheme as with age.

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Well Walker pretty much said it was the lack of QB talent that led to last years numbers. Hard to argue. This year will tell the tale.

It's a bit rich IMO, Taleback. Walker was way down the depth chart. He did pretty well when Lawler got hurt & he moved up in the pecking order. Lewis upon coming to Edmonton asked if he had concerns with Cornelius said this. To paraphrase, "We don't need perfect balls. We can make the QB better." And how do you explain this:

Collaros to Lawler 1 game 2019 + 13 games 2021 1073 yds, 14 gm = 76.64 yds/gm
Cornelius to Lawler 2022 - 7 games 602 yds, = 86.0 yds/gm.

Does that make Cornelius a better QB than Collaros - of course not. But production doesn't necessarily go down because of the QB. The QB is only 1 part of the equation. Squishy hit the nail on the head - Walker dropped a lot of balls last year which were on the money. :sunglasses:


Age is the biggest factor IMO. Production increased every year to 2018 when he turned 30. Took a huge drop going to Regina where he was the main guy. In fact, his stats last year are probably helped because he was playing next to Wynn. Lanier will help but he's turning 35 so don't expect too much this year. If it's scheme, his worst seasons stats wise were where he's at this year.

Same here, and though FA didn’t go quite the way I hoped, I’ll keep supporting my team.

My thoughts:

• Would’ve preferred a mobile Fajardo over an aging Harris. Cody wasn’t the issue in ‘22 – the OL was. With time to gel this year’s line should be decent.

• Receiver-wise I won’t miss seeing Shaq and Duke hobbling off the field. Swerve OTOH will be missed. Overall I think we did alright replacing them – spending more would’ve hurt elsewhere. Besides, we have some pretty decent N WRs – time to let them shine.

• IMO there’s little wrong with our run game – least nothing an improved OL and better play-calling can’t fix. The fact both our backs missed time due to injury didn’t help the situation (Morrow out 6 games – Hickson out 5).

• DL looks good, and I think we’ll be alright at LB despite losing Sankey – Teitz is reportedly 100% healthy, and he was definitely trending upwards before his injury.

• The only question mark in the secondary is at S – not sure why Edem remains unsigned. Gotta think it’s money-related because he sounds like he’s raring to go. The fact he hasn’t signed elsewhere is promising.

• Nothing wrong with our kicking game IMO. ST will be a work in progress as per usual.

All in all, I’m not sure this season will be the disaster some are predicting (or hoping for).

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not hoping for. Just seeing it how it is.
writing on the wall for the following
Lame duck GM
Lame duck Head coach
Both would have been fired if the cfl did not have such a bad salary cap rule.
O coordinator is was give the job by default because not a person they wanted for the job would take it for the above reasons.
the personal on the field they really need to fill slots for are few and far between because of two spring leagues really really watering down the talent pool to pick from.
JUst a fan here who does not purport to KNOW IT ALL or know it better than real actual gainfully employed football people or those other fans that claim to know even more than those actual professional coaches and players and GMs...and i certainly hope to be proven wrong.
But for sure, the Riders are going to in tough position to improve enough to keep the fans and assorted naysayers happy.

Wasn’t suggesting you were hoping for a disaster... That was directed at the “foes” mentioned in your post.

Hopefully I don’t come across as a know-it-all. I’m just voicing my opinion about the team/game I love. Besides, it should be obvious by now that I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. :crazy_face:


Same here too…but ain’t it fun


Hard to argue he dropped a lot of balls that were in his catch range and couldn’t get away from coverage either. Don’t forget that the QB was also throwing to Lawler who still managed to be the number one receiver until he had some injuries.