Five Things to Know: Saskatchewan Roughriders

As the 2022 season approaches, is getting you up to speed on where each team stands after a hectic off-season that saw players crisscross the country. Five Things To Know will catch you up on where your team left off in 2021, the moves it made and what it might accomplish in 2022. 

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The 6th thing about the Riders is that it is very , very rare that the Host team win the grey cup at home. Maybe it is the pressure but still rare to see.
And the Final thing about the Riders is that HC brother Dave has a revenge to settle so their match up with the Stampeders is going to be a barn burner. Can't wait Oct 22 & Oct 29.

We did it last time we hosted........


Fajardo IMO carries things with him too much. Seeing him after losses getting emotional, pointing fingers. In a recent interview with the Leader Post there's talk of a "revenge tour" & he seems to feel he gets no respect. Jones' comment doesn't bother him & Cody says he "evaluates QB's by their completion percentages" & doesn't get "buried in yards & touchdowns". He’s a good QB but the Riders were 8th in RZ efficiency & avg net offence. They were 7th in TD drive %. Rating the QB goes a bit deeper than completion % IMO. It's an open question how Fajardo handles the intense pressure there will be this year.
The Riders should be a good team this year but the RB position is a question. They lost 2 DB's in Purifoy & Gainey who were playmakers. Turning over the ball consistently on Defence hid some deficiencies @ DB with the Riders rating 8th in passing yds allowed & big passing plays allowed. Is replacing 2 veterans who they didn't try hard to sign with younger players going to improve them on the back end?
I don't know.

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Keeping Fajardo upright for a split second longer will be the key to the Rider season. With an outstanding group of receivers, he needs the time to use them. Duke and Shaq are obviously key receivers but I am also looking forward to Schaeffer-Bakker putting in a top Canadian type of performance this year. I think he has it in him.

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And are you placing too much emotion in your assesment... He is but kid... do not expect him to act like a seasoned veteran... Who by the way, veterans simply know how to act in front of a camera and a microphone. By the way, enough seasoned veterans act like 19byear old momma's boys as it is... They just got smart with age and know when to act like the asshats they are... Don't believe my hypothesis .... Matt Dunigan , Angela Mosca , and an assorted sundry of life long asshats in sports or Hollywood who made the big time as the some greatest... But never progressed past being a 12 year old mentally with a god complex

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Powell had a down year too which probably was a huge reason for their red zone woes. Not everything was on Cody. Recievers dropped a ton of passes too

Yep, a lot of people whom we would naturally refer to as "men," who after turning pro, can't shed their insecurities, immaturity, pettiness, jealousy, etc. On top of that many are greedy and selfish.

You're right that the one's that learn how to act differently around the camera last longer on a team. In some cases - especially if they are productive - coaches will simply ignore them, and not be bothered by them, and maybe same with other players. However sometimes you have to purge them off the team, even the very talented ones.

I don't know about Angela Mosca, but you're spot on with Matt Dunigan. He's proof that the worst ones just never leave.

After Chris Schulz's passing I can hardly watch any pre-game or half-time (show) on TSN. ("Asshat Central")

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"But a kid." Really. He's 30. So I guess maybe RiderNation should have given Duron Carter a LOT more slack as he is 31 now & was a mere babe in arms of 27 when fans criticized him. Cody "The Kid" Fajardo. Why not go with that from now on. :smiley:

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Baby in September will be it. More important things in life.

Could be a season of discontent in Sask.

Sounds like good Nik name :slightly_smiling_face:
And speaking of Carter I hope he makes the team so TSN can mix him up for every game... That could have a weekly hour long show devoted to his mouth

Careful. You know what happened when Bo dissed him. :smiley: Pick 6. It's going to be a very interesting game right out of the gate in week 2 with the Riders @ Commonwealth, don't you think? Not just for Carter or the Jones/Fajardo angle. Lots of ex-players on the other side of the field. Really looking forward to this season - lots of interesting angles throughout the league. Ciao.


This is where Saskatchewan needs to improve if they want to get past the Bombers this year. The battle of the trenches will be won by the team that takes this position most seriously.

The Bombers brought back ALL of their league best offensive line for this season and added three more hulking Americans for added depth...

...while the Riders added a Canadian Lineman who had been let go by the Argos.

Soooo let's call it a draw for now and hope that Rider's management doesn't correct this obvious disparity before the Labour Day weekend. :grin:

I am hoping the EE turns it around quickly, but not in week two nor if we play them in a playoff game. There is a lot fodder in the EE training camp there will lots of early exits that not many will want to pick up... Chris Jones knows football so it will be good for the team. Despite the history, all will be forgiven if he wins. Chances are he will win.

Chris Jones will EVENTUALLY turn that franchise around. He's got a lot of corrections to make first. Arbuckle may be one of them.

There Was so much wrong in EE. IF Chris even had an inkling Arbuckle does not fit he woulda been gone already

You're probably right. Still... he's up to something. Jones will shake things up early if his bullpin doesn't pan out.

... in style I might add.

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Cody’s demeanor definitely changed between 2019 and ’21. In his first season he took things in stride, and rolled with the punches. Last year, faced with a different offense, different o-line, and a number of different receivers, his emotions sometimes got the best of him. While I don’t necessarily condone his outbursts, I can appreciate the frustration that led to them.
With an improved o-line and the bulk of our receivers back I think he’ll settle down, and ultimately improve coming into his 2nd year with Maas’ offense.

Name one QB ever in any league that did not ever make a mistake with his chirps.... Thought so end of story.

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