Five Things To Know: Montreal Alouettes

As the 2022 season approaches, is getting you up to speed on where each team stands after a hectic off-season that saw players crisscross the country. Five Things To Know will catch you up on where your team left off in 2021, the moves it made and what it might accomplish in 2022. 

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Good points all around. Losing Reinebold is huge, I foresee a QB controversy unfolding during the season, the Als will be a VG offence & the defence is going to struggle. Their prized rookie should start because they need help @ LB. In short, you hit on all the key issues.

After the Jim Popp era the defence was eroded year by year as quality guys like Bowman reached the end of their career and retired. Not many were replaced with the same quality players.

Good on them though for moving in the right direction.

Wonder why they couldn't re-sign Henoc Muamba, or let last year's top D player Menard flee (his home province) ?

Muamba has never stayed with any team more than 3 years. If I was a GM that would concern me. Especially if MTL didn't make an offer. Probably indicates problems we can't see.

Quite possible Menard got an offer MTL wasn't willing to match. I know if I was rebuilding my defence I would be sure to leave enough in the bank even at this point to see who gets cut from other camps I might want to look at.

You got it. Menard is #7 on highest paid DE list (less than Betts @ #4). So BC is spending a lot on one position. Menard cashed in on a career year but turns 32 in July. Going into last season he had 52 DT's in 94 games. To put this in perspective, the Als Usher has 78 DT's in 40 games & is 27 - #6 in pay just above Menard. BC's overpaid for their DE's to keep it CDN IMO.

Same with Muamba. He went to the Argos last year & ranks 3rd on pay list. Right behind him is Ackie @ #4. You have to decide who you're going to pay. Muamba's 33, Ackie's 30. Ideally you move on a year or 2 early. Sometimes you give up a good year or 2 but you don't want to hold on too long.

Your stats listing for Menard vs. a mediocre DE like Usher is quite mis-leading, since a lot of Menard's games played (like early in his career with BC) were not starts or seeing lots of playing time. Menard did get the nod for Als top D player last year, and led the team in sacks, FYI.

Muamba left the Als after QB Adams called him a great team-mate and leader - was it all about $$$s? - i sort of doubt it; starting safety from last season Cranston left to go to Ottawa (maybe a money thing/ maybe going back to home town?); former Als LB DJ Lalalma (got to start late in 2019 and played fantastic, including being named a CFL award top performer of the week) moved on to the Stampeders after sitting out last season (?); they just traded away Cam Lawson, who was a top rated DT in his draft class.

Could be there is a bit of an attitude /lack of respect for some top notch Canadian defensive talent there? You wouldn't think or hope so with Maciocia there, but he might be part of the CFL same old thinking clique.

Whether or not Maciocia undervalues the CDN DE is, well, his choice. The $$$ do come into play when you already have a DE among the top paid DE's in the league, regardless if you regard Usher as mediocre or not. You already have Sewell in the middle & add Mike Moore, the 3rd highest paid DT in the league so how much are you going to pay for Menard? And do you want to pay both Ackie & outbid the Argos for Muamba? Under the CAP you pretty much decide that a certain # get the big $$$ & sometimes you have to settle for "mediocre" players elsewhere.