Five Things To Know: Edmonton Elks

As the 2022 season approaches, is getting you up to speed on where each team stands after a hectic off-season that saw players crisscross the country. Five Things To Know will catch you up on where your team left off in 2021, the moves it made and what it might accomplish in 2022. 

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Fair comments. I think a lot of the bases have been touched. The Jones blueprint is everywhere. Interestingly, in FA he concentrated mostly on offence & ST's. The OL is consolidated with Washington, Korte & Foucault brought in & Kelly re-signed. They have a lot of bench strength with Saxelid 11 games (10 starts LT, G, RT), Jack-Kurdyla 13 games (10 starts G), Nielsen 13 games (4 starts RT, G) last year. Saxelid also started 6 games in his rookie year, mostly @ T due to injuries & is the likely heir to Washington. On offence we probably see a guy like Barrett playing ST's & QB (sound familiar) & Fletcher playing the Kendal Lawrence type role as a counterpart to Wilder.

He's got 3 returners auditioning so we'll see. Castillo is a big signing & he's brought in a lot of ST veterans. Konar gives them 3 of the top 9 in ST's tackles last year. Lacey has bonuses built in for ST's where he excelled with Jones previously. Antigha, Reaves, Milaonovic-Litre are all veteran ST guys.

Defence needs work. They have needs @ DE, SAM & CB. They have some very good starters but need more depth.

QB is an issue & IMO Jones hasn't given up on getting a CFL veteran. As crazy as it sounds, as I've mentioned before, if I were Jones I would see if I could pry loose Adams in MTL. Why?

  1. Is he going to re-up again after feeling he was promised the starting role &, without consulting him, the Als signed Harris. How much faith do they have in Adams? Harris has 100,000+ reasons to want to take over the starter with his incentive laden contract.
  2. Assuming Jones has interest in Adams (I don't thing he has interest in Harris, just my opinion), how far would he go? With the Als thin @ LB & DB, would he go as far as to offer up his #1 with Arbuckle for the Als #13 draft pick & Adams leaving the Als to pick up Richards & a DB like Ford @#4. Or flip 1st round picks & QB's? I guess that depends on how high the Als are on Adams. Unlikely scenarios in reality, especially the first one but I'd take a run @ Adams & see where it goes. Als may lose him come contract time anyway. Jones has made wilder moves than that.

I'm quite fascinated by the happenings in Edmonton because they appear to me to be the biggest dark horse in the league this year - likely another year away from making big noise.

One thing everybody the league should have figured out by now is that Chris Jones can't be trusted.

Milancovic-Litre is more than a ST'er and will play more than 50 % of the offensive plays is my guess.

Vernon Adams needs to keep his cool and do his thing. His teammates are on his side. Harris is there for now but it's a one year deal. Somebody goes down or has a slow start and Harris has value above his current situation as an injury replacement. Adams gets injured and Harris is already there so good from that perspective. I think V.A. stays in Montreal.

IMO the likelihood of Adams leaving is slim & none. My point is Jones should investigate the possibility if indeed he is still looking at bringing in a veteran QB & if, as has been tossed about, Arbuckle isn't his guy. Jones has stated he has had a lot of offers & my guess is that could be every team but Ottawa & BC who wouldn't benefit from moving up. Why give up something extra to move up 1 or 2 spots?

Remember, Jones traded for Adams in 2017 when he had barely played in the CFL & sent Tevaughn Campbell & 2 third rounders to Mtl. But I don't see Jones giving up 1st rounders for Adams, just speculating what the Als might want in such a deal if Jones were intereste.

Just playing a little "what if"...........Harris & Adams both want to be #1, that's undeniable. Adams is playing nice now but I don't see anything but trouble if Harris takes over. The Als at least should have talked to Vernon before signing Harris, as a courtesy, & clarified what their intentions were & where he stood.