Five Things to Know: Calgary Stampeders

As the 2023 season approaches, is here to catch you up with the Five Things To Know series. Each article will look at key storylines facing each team this season, while examining off-season movement and where your team might stand in 2023. 

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Stamps are loaded. I expect them to step up a notch or 2 this year.

Stamps D is average
Quarterback average o line good running backs great two receivers average the rest rookies
Head coach is buffoon
This team hosting a playoff game is a long shot

OL 3 All-Stars, 2 League, ! West - good? No, best in league. Two receivers in top dozen. DL 1 Eastern ALL-Star, 1 All Cdn. All Cdn @ WIL. Titus Wall excellent. Moxey an All-Star, Roberson is back healthy. Don’t know what you’re looking at but Stamps placed 11 on All-Star team last year, Wpg 9, BC 4. Only lost Lemon but Vaughters is much younger & should be a good replacement. Only Paredes & Dennis are over 30. Lots of All-Stars, almost all in prime years. Nothing to sneeze at. :smiley:

As I said at the time, there was no way the Stamps deserved to have the most all stars in the league. They were 0 fer Winnipeg and couldn’t handle the Lions when it counted in the playoffs despite a gimpy Rourke playing injured.

They were no doubt a solid team but a clear third best. I don’t know how they managed the most all stars. Either their non all stars were terrible, which I don’t think was the case, or Hufnagel’s mother was the head of the selection committee.

It’s the Stampeders though, so all those rookies will turn into allstars.

It has NOTHING to do with head to head which takes up at most 1/6 of the season. You take everything as a slight vs the Bombers. News alert. The Bombers did not have the best OL in the league. They gave up twice as many sacks/dropback (opportunities for sacks) than the Bombers & run blocking - almost 400 more yds on just under 30 less carries for the Stamps. Avg gain/carry the Bombers ranked 5th, behind all 4 of the other Western clubs. So if you want to talk about “team” performance, the Stamps should probably have all 5 spots on the OL as a unit. As for the Bomber DL, head to head vs ALL the teams in the league they finished 8th in sacks.

Individual performances are judged apart from teams & even the lowliest of lows deserve spots on All- Star teams. Example, Ceresna of the lowly Elks had 31 TT, 10 sacks 4 FF in 12 games as a DT. DE Lemon (MOP) 29 TT, 14 sacks, 5 FF as a DE. Should we be giving Sayles or Thomas a spot on the All-Star team over Ceresna because of the Bomber record vs the Elks? You’re a Bomber fan - I guess I should expect no less. All-Star teams often have more reps on them come from successful teams. But these are mutually exclusive categories.

Should read - “gave up twice as many sacks…as Stamps.”

My point was that Calgary wasn’t good enough to have 11 all stars, much less have the most all stars in the league. It’s not a pro Bomber view as you think all of my opinions are. I’m not accusing you of having a pro Stamp view, which I could easily do.

The all star selections aren’t supported by reality and simply don’t pass the smell test. If you truly think that the Stamps had half of the best position players in the league then the other half must have been close to the worst for them to only manage to be third. And I’ve already said I don’t think that is the case. They were the third best of 9 teams in my opinion, which is how they finished. And to me that doesn’t warrant the title of having more all stars than any other team. Simple as that.

Well, I’m not a Stamp fan, in fact I don’t like them, as I have stated here on multiple occasions. But I do respect the organization. No one’s been better since Huf took over.

Carey (who’s better), McEwen, Sceviour & Dennis on OL, Lemon, Rose, Judge & Moxey are all great choices. Henry? You might have an argument but no Bomber that would replace him to up your total. Paredes, though you dislike him, had an o/s year & Grace is, if not the best, close.

You DO have a vested interest, Jon, & you take the Bomber side as soon as someone criticizes them. And that’s alright - you’re a fan. Sorry but I don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Don’t mean to offend but if I agreed with you then we’d both be wrong.

Dam… the season hasn’t even started and yet Rider fans are already drunk and incoherent.

As noted in the article, every team waits for the Stamps cuts or picks them up after their contract or they are cut. It’s actually pretty embarrassing for every other team.

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