Five Things To Know: Calgary Stampeders

As the 2022 season approaches, is getting you up to speed on where each team stands after a hectic off-season that saw players crisscross the country. Five Things To Know will catch you up on where your team left off in 2021, the moves it made and what it might accomplish in 2022. 

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Count on being surprised says the article. Well I hope that I am not surprised. Last season I was unhappily surprised at the uncharacteristic performance of the Stamps. This year I am hoping for a more characteristic and terrific performance all us Stampeder fans have become accustom to getting when we watch our favorite CFL team against the other opponents. And if the two preseason games are any indication, I feel confident that again our Stampeders will be back at the top of the standings.

Pre-season games don't count but they matter - wise words from the Dallas Cowboys organization a few years ago. Not a Stamps guy but I have them down for 1st. It is what it is.

In most of football, as the QB goes well so does the rest of the team usually as well. Here in Calgary, Mitchell was number one in being intercepted, number one in time count violations, and number one in fewest ran yards - again!
So, with that, I decided to wait until he retires, before I sign up again. It' s not the money, but I won't sit in the seats and watch any more of that. If Dickenson has confidence in him, that's up to him and their friendship. As for me, I need to see progression and results of that progression.
Last year, out of training camp, Bo said that he had never felt better and that this was going to be a fantastic year for him. Well, we heard that before and we have already heard him sing his own praises for himself this year already.
So; until he walks the walk instead of just talking the talk, I will cheer my Stamps on, but won't be there until there is finally some proof in the pudding.
In 2016 and 2017, I learned a lot about Bo. He's not the QB I would have chosen to lead this team. Never~

Does every team stay at the top of the standings every year? So do all fans throw in the towel and vacate the support when their team fails to be at the top of the standings? Not sure if Mitchell is the QB he was 4 years ago, but I'm willing to wait and see. I've been a fan for some 56 years and will stand by the Stampeders until the day I die. QBs come and go, but this fan stays loyal.
You certainly have the right to cheer for whomever you choose and just as much right to end your support for whichever team you deem isn't worth your time.
Maybe Collaros is the QB that interests you. Good luck.