Five Things To Know: BC Lions

As the 2023 season approaches, is here to catch you up with the Five Things To Know series. Each article will look at key storylines facing each team this season, while examining off-season movement and where your team might stand in 2023. 

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i think Ben Hladik is going to have a huge year on defence. looking forward to seeing how the tandem of VA and Evans works. i still think Evans has untapped potential or at least has another level.

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Fully agree on Hladik. Williams was leaving for the East so the Lions did really well getting a top draft pick. The Lions have top notch CDN talent in their front 7. I really like the Lions defence.

They still have 3 receivers who were top 10 last year, which no other club can say. They may have the best tandem of QB's in the league. They have one of the most reliable kickers in the CFL. They'll need one of the RB prospects to step up. That & losing their LT are the only concerns I have with the Lions. I should add Couture is a big step up @ CTR.

The West is going to be really tight this year.

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Looking at it that way the Lions do seem to have a solid team.

I don’t think Butler is that huge a loss. He struggled mightily against the Bombers and they are going to have to beat the Bombers in all likelihood to get to the GC. In any event RB is probably the easiest position to find an adequate replacement for.

My concern for the Lions would be at QB. They may have the best tandem in the league as you say, but I don’t think either member of that tandem is one of the top 5-6 starting QB’s in the league. To me the performance at the QB spot will dictate overall team success this year more than anything.

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I don't necessarily disagree with you on the QB's but I don't agree that you have to have an O/S QB to be successful or that it bodes success. Tom Brady was 3rd in passing, 25:6 TD to INT ratio & the team finished 8-9 & blown out quickly in the playoffs. My issue with both Adams & Evans is twofold.

1)Last year Harris was signed to a CAP friendly contract. Mgmt & Harris quickly stated publicly that Adams was the starter & that was that. Another year, another town, another QB signs a CAP friendly contract. Mgmt firmly states Vincent is our guy. Ditto says Evans.
Cue the QB controversy.

  1. Outside of Fajardo, these 2 are the most uber emotional guys in the league. Adams didn't like the competition last year & my lasting impression of Evans was Arbuckle, the other team's QB, consoling him on the sidelines. Both of them tend to run hot & cold. If they can co-exist peacefully they should be fine.

Butler, BTW, will be missed for his blocking. He was a VG blocker. I don't use any one team as a measuring stick. We both know that the Bombers couldn't stop Ouellette inside the 10 yd line or the backup QB on a 2nd & 15 in crucial situations last November. Carey's favourite team last year? Winnipeg - 264 yds, two best games & 3 of his 4 best totals came vs the Bombers. Doesn't mean I use that as a measuring stick for your DL.


yea Butler was an exception blocker as well as receiver out of the backfield so he was awesome on the block and screen pass plays.

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Lions might draft Keon Edwards

Lions have some intriguing prospects coming to camp. I hadn't heard that. They draft 9th & 14th, then 34th. Are you seeing him as being drafted in the 4th round, or earlier?

Not sure who else they may be looking at but I would take Edwards ASAP given that he has high end potential and unlikely to be headed south just yet. His play at Western warrants an ELC imo. Might go well with David Mackie.

No mention of Justin McInnis either who was a high pick for Sask and will give them another big body to go with Cottoy. Challenge will be to get everyone targets.

huh?? the article clearly mentions McInnis, as well as Jovan Cottoy.

These three, along with other playmakers like Jovan Cottoy and Justin McInnis, will have Adams Jr. and Lions fans alike excited about the aerial attack when things get underway in June.